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Gather Together... Meet the Attack... Sidewalk Engagement in Austin...

December Updates from Pro-Life Waco

from John Pisciotta (The Protest Retireee)
Director of Pro-Life Waco

1. Pro-Life Gathering this Sunday, Juda Myers Speaking

Pro-Life Waco’s Second Sunday luncheon/meeting onDecember 13. The location is parish hall of St. Mary’s Church in Waco—15th & Columbus. An Italian luncheon will be served throughout the noon hour—adults $3. Free for children, pregnant moms, and first-time attendees. For the meeting from1-2 p.m., the featured speaker for the first half hour will be Juda Myers of Houston. Juda is an international speaker, singer, and author. Her CHOICES4LIFE ministry assists women pregnant after rape. Juda Myers will present her pro-life testimony and encouragement under the title of “Hostile Conception, Living with Purpose.” Yard signs and good fellowship are available free of charge to you. Don’t let 2015 pass without joining us for Second Sunday. One thing different about Second Sunday is for the second time in 13 years, Chef Giovanni will not be there. I am in Nashville for the Saturdaycelebration of the 1st birthday of my grandson Sammy Pisciotta. The cooking, cleaning, and set-up crew are ready to rumble on Sunday. Ellen Staniszewski will emcee the meeting. You will have a great day at St. Mary’s Parish Hall. I will be hugging and spoiling Sammy.

2. Editorial blast at JP and PLW – Again!

Letter to the Editor fireworks continues in the Waco Tribune-Herald. On Thrusday, the Waco Trib printed another dishonest attack on me and the foot soldiers of Pro-Life Waco. Again, I appeal to readers of the newsletter to write counter letters to the Waco Trib, sending it to In the last wave of counter letters, in addition to letters from the Waco area, they also printed a letter from Mississippi. Ms. Myers, gives no examples of my supposedly hateful speech. Regarding contacting Planned Parenthood staff, I have sent Christmas cards and one invitation to leave the abortion industry with support from pro-lifers. Planned Parenthood sends cards to me when someone donates to Planned Parenthood Waco in my name. Big deal. We were effective in letters responding to a November attack letter from Cheryl Foster. Donna Myers deserves a vigorous response too. I am not pleased that the Waco Trib for printing these attack letters. In my almost 40 years in Waco, the paper has never printed such vicious personal attack letters—not even about convicted criminals or know terrorists. On so many front we must fight back. If we do lose a battle, let’s never get tackle from behind.

3. Amazing Sidewalk Engagements in downtown Austin

I have begun to use the term “sidewalk engagement” because our interactions on the “Main Street” of Austin is something different from what I have experienced in 20 years of pro-life ministry. When we are at the corner of Sixth and Congress Avenue, we engage face-to-face those with strong pro-life commitments. We also engage eye ball to eye ball some who are hostile to the pro-life vision. And, we have the opportunity to engage and influence many in the mushy middle. (PS Sidewalk engagements are also enjoyable and exciting because one never know what new opportunity will come your way.)

In what follows, Elle Staniszewski and Mike Tusa describe four positive sidewalk engagements from Wednesday.

Three sidewalk engagements written by Elle Staniszewski
  • Austin ProtestBOA today (12-9) resulted in many opportunities for sidewalk engagements. One unusual encounter was directed at Rita, while she prayed and held a sign. The woman yelled, "You have no right to be here! This is where I work and you need to leave!" Rita remained quiet and continued to pray and sing softly. About an hour later this same angry woman came back and asked for forgiveness. She told Rita, "I was wrong. You have a right to be here and what you are doing is right. Thank you for doing it." She gave Rita 3 large and delicious cookies from a neighboring restaurant. Someone or something positive happened to cause such a dramatic change in her attitude.  
  • Tim, a young man came by and asked me questions concerning Jesus, the crucifix, and life in the womb. He was searching for answers and we talked at length. I gave him some literature, and prayed for him. He was thankful for our presence and he is seeking to know God. He agreed that life was precious at all stages. I will continue to pray for Tim.  
  • A young lady named Eva intervened on our behalf when someone started shouting obscenities at us and behaving obnoxiously. She told him we were doing important work and babies matter to God. She stood up for us, giving us courage and hope.

One more sidewalk engagement written by Mike Tusa
Don't forget our African immigrant friend who can barely speak English. He is a homeless "street person" around Austin. BUT. He is devoutly Christian. He knows the Bible very well and can use it for excellent responses. I remember the first time I met him, he asked me what we were doing there and I explained our position. Imagine my surprise when he pointed at me and said in his heavily accented English. "You are good man, you fight the good fight". Yesterday, he again found us and pulled one of the people shouting at us off to the side and had a conversation with him that was about 20 minutes long. Afterwards, the man came over to me and offered his apologies for his behavior. 
God watches out for us on that sidewalk, on the corner of 6th and Congress in the middle of one of the most liberal cities in Texas. In the center of sometimes darkness and despair, comes light, comes witnessing for the Lord, comes transformations of people to the Gospel of Life. I always look forward to my time on that sidewalk. I know that along with some negativism, I will receive encouragement and strength. I will see great things happen in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. I would not miss it for the world.

Pro-Life Waco is a local community-based organization with collaborative relationships with regional and national pro-life affiliations. Pro-Life Waco is committed to ending abortion, its damaging effects among women, and promoting chastity.  For more information, please visit our website using this link.

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