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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Could YOUR Favorite Christmas Carol Save a baby?

from Eric ScheidlerExecutive Director
Pro-Life Action League

I'd like to ask you a quick question: What is your FAVORITE Christmas carol?

Most people answer "Silent Night," and that's my answer, too -- but for a reason you probably wouldn't guess:

"Silent Night" is the first Christmas carol to ever save a baby's life during the Pro-Life Action League's annual "Empty Manger Christmas Caroling Day."

That's the special day during Advent when pro-lifers visit abortion facilities to sing Christmas carols focused on the Christ Child.

Typically, these pro-life caroling groups gather around a life-size empty manger, which gives this event its name.

What's the "empty manger" all about? The empty manger is a dual symbol: it represents both the hopeful anticipation of a child's birth AND the emptiness left behind by abortion.

The Pro-Life Action League has been hosting this event in the Chicago area for 13 years, and every year, more cities and towns across the country have been joining in.

This year, I'd love to have YOU on board, too!

Would you consider hosting an Empty Manger caroling day outside your local abortion facility? You can get all the resources you need using this link. 

At that link you'll find:
  • An exciting VIDEO of the League's caroling day in action -- see what this pro-life event is all about.
  • A comprehensive HOW-TO GUIDE with step-by-step instructions for hosting a successful caroling day.
  • Simple BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS for your own "empty manger" to gather around while singing carols.
  • An 8-page CAROLING BOOKLET to print out with a selection of carols focusing on the Christ child.

Here in Chicago we'll be holding our caroling day on December 19 -- the last Saturday before Christmas.

That might be a great day for you, too, but whatever day you choose, be sure to let me know all about it. And be sure to take lots of pictures -- and shoot some video, too.

I can promise that if you join this moving pro-life witness, your Advent will be more filled with meaning and your Christmas will be more blessed than ever before.

Be sure to let me know if you decide to host an Empty Manger Caroling Day so I can help let folks know about your event!

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