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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aborted Fetal Tissue in our Vaccines

Basia was one of the many who spoke at our #ProtestPP protest and rally this past Saturday. She has graciously allowed us to print what she had to say on our blog.

Good morning fellow pro life warriors! My name is Basia. I am here to speak about an issue that has been weighing heavily on my conscience lately. I also want to help bring awareness to the topic itself. And that is our compliance with aborted fetal cells in many of our vaccines. Being pro life since my college years, I had no idea that the vaccines that I gave to my children contained aborted fetal cell contaminants. I also had no idea that I could refuse them based on my conscience and my choice to do what is best for MY child. No doctor, No pro-lifer, No religious leader had ever told me this. And I felt completely blind sided. I thought, "how could I have done this to my child? How could I have participated, however remote, in such a heinous act toward other voiceless children?" I wanted desperately to undo what I did, but obviously I cannot.

But I would like to help inform others so they can make an informed decision. Your doctor will likely not provide full informed consent to this all too common medical practice, as their goal is ensuring everyone is fully vaccinated. But doctors are not MY God. And MY God would not be happy with what is happening on those videos exposing PP as a gruesome, grotesque "science lab" and butchery. I believe deep down in my soul, that babies bodies are NOT meant to be pieced apart and used to advance science. They are NOT to be used to advance "medicine". God would not bless a corporation that defends this evil for any reason.

Since 1979, our children have been given vaccines laced with debris produced from within cells of aborted fetal lungs. Presently in our country, the MMR, Hepatitis A, chicken pox, the shingles vaccine as well as others all contain aborted fetal cell debris. Up until 2 years ago, the US did provide moral and ethical alternatives using animal cells. But that has since stopped. Apparently the public outcry to provide these alternatives was not loud enough to encourage pharmaceutical companies to provide moral alternatives that would not exploit the bodies of dismembered babies.

The Vatican tells us, "everyone has a moral obligation to demand moral alternatives". If you plan to use these vaccines, WITHOUT protest, then yes, you are involved with the business exposed in those videos. I can't live comfortably with that, and my hope is that neither could you. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to assume the public will readily accept other medications that would require NEW human sacrifices.

 In Pennsylvania, you can go to Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent to find out the state laws for school attendance in regards to vaccines.  This is a very informative group of parents who want to preserve the freedom to choose what is injected into our children.

World renowned scientist, Dr. Theresa Deisher at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute found in her research that more children have been permanently injured after they have been given vaccines containing aborted fetal cells since their introduction to vaccines in 1979. Her son passed away at the age of 14 after developing Burkitt's Lymphoma. Dr. Deisher has found that lymphoma's have increased 700 fold after the introduction of aborted fetal cells to vaccines, in addition to the increase in other autoimmune diseases and autism.

I have a brochure from Children of God for Life for you all. I am often in touch with Debi Vinnedge, who runs this organization. I find her to be very much a modern day saint bravely standing up to the pharmaceutical companies who are a trillion dollar business and very powerful in this country. But I say God is more powerful. I urge you all to please read over the brochure and also go to their website which is VERY informative. You will learn all about the business of abortion and vaccines as well as abortion and fetal stem cell experimentation. What the religious leaders have to say about it and what you can do. Thank you all so much for your dedication to protecting the dignity of ALL human life. May Mary Our Mother, hold those nameless babies who have been taken too soon and may God bless you all.

Basia Edwards is a pro-life warrior who lives in Bucks County, PA.  

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