Sunday, August 16, 2015

Princeton Professor Challenges Geraldo Rivera to Abortion Debate

Professor Robert George challenged Rivera on Facebook after his emailed requests for a debate allegedly went unanswered

Princeton Professor Robert George has publicly challenged co-host of Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera to a debate on the topic of abortion—anywhere, anytime.

George, Princeton’s McCormick Chair in Jurisprudence, posted the challenge on Facebook after Rivera ignored Dr. George’s emailed requests for a debate.

“I just listened to Geraldo Rivera on Fox TV ranting—angrily—in favor of abortion, and bullying the other panelists on The Five,” Professor George begins.

“I've heard him do this before. I wrote to him at his Fox email address a few months ago respectfully requesting the opportunity to debate him on the subject—anytime[,] anywhere.”

Watch the video below to see what Rivera has to say on Fox's 'The Five' 


Make your voice be heard!  Write to Roger Ailes, head of Fox News at and let him know of your disapproval of Geraldo Rivera!  


  1. I have written to Roger Ailes about Geraldo's rants which happen often on O'Reilly's program too.

    1. Thanks Kathleen! Every e-mail, letter or phone call counts!