Sunday, August 23, 2015

StemExpress CEO Jokes about Shipping Whole Heads of Aborted Babies to Research Labs

by Tom Graffagnino

Joking, laughing at the horror...
Severed baby heads for sale!
It's just what the doctor ordered,
Out here way beyond the pale.

We insist...."But... Hey! It's legal!"...
(The excuse the darkness makes),
It's a harbinger of judgement,
At a Lawless culture's wake.

It's a symptom we've detected,
(Willful blindness, conscience lost,)
Heads-in-sand, we see no evil, 
Yawning at the holocaust.

Once again we say..."It's legal!"...
(Darkness pushing back the Light.)
It's a harbinger of judgement,
On a culture's final flight..

It's the Sacred Rite of Molech,
Man's atonement for his sin.
Humanism's final effort,
Blood of tiny lambs again.

See article from Live Action News on this subject here

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