Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Singer-Sanger Singing Vocals - A Poem by Tom Graffagnino

by Tom Graffagnino

Singer-Sanger singing vocals,
Twist and Shout, the culture hums.
Ancient echoes from the dark side...
Master Molech on the drums!

The "Utopiates of Progress"
Have us rockin' 'round the clock,
It's a mesmerizing anthem...
Now we're all immune to shock.

It's the Gulag back-beat rhythm,
Making numb skulls all enthrall.
Selling baby parts for profit,
While we're scoffing at The Fall.

Orwell's night spot's now our pleasure,
Adolf Hitler's Purple Haze.
It's a conscience-searing frenzy,
(New Age Neo-Pagan phase.)

It's the pounding pulse of Ashtar,
It's the Greenish Brew she stirred, 
It's the moondance 'round the campfire,
Where the Light of Truth is blurred.

It's the dark din now for legions,
In the realm of Jezebel....
Where the lukewarm sit in comfort,
As the "horned god" casts his spell.

It's the song that Adam swayed to,
On the lyre the Liar played,
It's the consequence of blindness,
It's the bed that we have made.

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