Sunday, August 9, 2015


by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.
WND Opinion

In the wake of Center for Medical Progress release of videos showing Planned Parenthood’s sale of human baby organs for profit, there has been an outcry that those who protest such organ sales are “attacking women” or “blocking women’s health.” What an outrageous statement.

As a physician specialist in women’s health for over 25 years, I say categorically that abortion is not “health care.” Medicine and physicians strive to preserve LIFE. Abortion is death. Abortion is the antithesis of life. That is why most physicians do not practice abortion and cringe at the thought.

In fact, for over 2,500 years, the Oath of Hippocrates for physicians has prohibited us from performing abortions or prescribing abortifacient drugs.

In my clinical practice seeing women, I find two victims of abortion: the soul and life of the baby who never had a choice, and the soul and psyche of the woman who chose to have her baby killed. Years later, the abortion takes its toll on women in higher rates of depression, anxiety and even endocrine hormonal problems.

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