Monday, August 24, 2015

August 22 Protest and Rally at the Warminster, PA Planned Parenthood

From Terry Noble
Co-Chair Bucks County Christian Coalition

The Protest and Rally for Life at the Planned Parenthood in Warminster, PA, held in conjunction with over 300 rallies nationwide, was well attended, with 147 participating.

Reverend Chuck Wilson from New Hope Community Church opened with prayer, and Reverend Douglas Dwyer from Addisville Reformed Church said the closing prayer.

We had many wonderful speakers which included the following from a few of our area CPCs:
Susan told us that this year, 238 babies have been saved from abortion through their two crisis pregnancy centers, one located in Center City Philadelphia and one in Bristol, PA.

One young mother, shared information about vaccines. She said that many vaccines contain tissue from aborted babies and cause many disorders, including the Shingles vaccine.

A woman from Faith Step spoke about the mental, emotional and spiritual trauma that women suffer after an abortion. Many suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicidal thoughts. Three women founded the ministry and conduct seminars and bible studies that is integral to the healing process. They have helped countless women be healed from the guilt, shame and unforgiveness toward themselves through the love of Christ. The three founders are post abortive and minister the same healing and forgiveness they experience.

A Call to Action flyer was handed out to everyone with specific ways to stop the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood, and tables were set up with pro-life literature and other hand-outs, including help for post abortive women. One brochure,  Myths, Men and Abortion,  from Silent No More Awareness  was directed to fathers. 

 Many participants stayed afterwards to talk and exchange information.  Below are some more pictures taken at this protest and rally.


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