Sunday, August 9, 2015

Defunding of Planned Parenthood

   by Barney Byrne

I'm sure that every decent human being who saw or heard about the videos showing and reporting how Planned Parenthood was Aborting live babies, dissecting and selling their vital organs for profit , had to be horrified. The doctors on the videos, who were working for Planned Parenthood were smug and disgusting in the way they talked about crushing the babies heads in their mother's womb , in a way in which they would better preserve the baby's vital organs. They sounded much like a couple of butchers, discussing the best way to butcher a lamb.
The Republicans in the U.S. Senate had the courage to stand up for humanity and introduced a bill that would deny our tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood , while insuring that those tax dollars would be given to other women health centers ,which would perform all the good procedures done by Planned Parenthood, minus their brutal Abortions and body parts selling. 

 All Republican Senators, except one and joined by two Democrats ,voted in support of this de-funding bill. With the exception of the two Democrats, who were brave and decent enough to buck their party and support this humane bill, all other Democratic senators voted to keep giving your tax dollars to the Abortion and body parts, selling, Planned Parenthood.

Knowing that women's health care would not lose one penny under this bill, one can only surmise that those Democrats ,who voted against the bill, did so only to stay in good standing with the far-left supporters. Judas lost his humanity for a handful of silver, while these Democrats have lost theirs for a handful of votes.  

In Webster's Dictionary, a "hypocrite" is described as someone, who says he has beliefs that he does not actually possess or hold. A great example of a "hypocrite", would certainly be our own, Senator Robert Casey, who while usually stating that he is personally Pro-Life, has almost always voted, in favor of Abortion. Even now, in the face, of these horrible videos, he continues to support Abortion and the selling of body parts, with our tax dollars.

Only a humane electorate, can truly end these horrific deeds,

NOTE:  For those who have not yet contacted Senator Casey to let him know how you feel about his betrayal, please use this link to do so.  

 Barney Byrne is a pro-life advocate who lives in Bucks County, PA.  

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