Sunday, August 30, 2015

One Child More

by Kevin Aldrich
Catholic Stand

China has its evil and harmful “one child” policy.

I propose for American Catholics a “one child more” policy.

I think we should encourage all American, Catholic, married couples to ask themselves, “Could we have one child more?”

Who Benefits from “One Child More?”
  • The child who is the “one more.” He is blessed to have life, not just life on earth but eternal life. He will be born into a Catholic family, be baptized, and begin to live a life of grace as an adopted child of God. He will continue to be nourished as he grows in faith, and hopefully his time will not end but rather reach its fullness in Heaven for all eternity. 
  • The child’s siblings. As Pope John Paul II said, sometimes the best thing you can give your children is another brother or sister. Your children’s lives will be immensely enriched by this new family member who will need everyone’s care but who gives back so much love. 
  • The child’s parents. This “one child more” will demand more of you. You will grow in generosity and selfless service, making you even more pleasing to the Lord. 
  • The Church. There will be another baptized member of the body of Christ. Who can predict the ways your child will benefit evangelization? 
  • The world. We live in the most rich, healthy, and free nation in the world. Your child will have the advantage of living in freedom and will get a good education. He will be able to give back much.

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Kevin Aldrich lives with his wife and seven children in Springfield, IL. He writes screenplays, TV pilots, novels, non-fiction books and articles, and English and religion curricula. His homiletic lectionary-based blog is Doctrinal Homily Outlines. His blog for aspiring writers is The Catholic Image.

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