Monday, August 10, 2015

I Feel Like I Woke Up From a Nightmare, but I Wasn't Asleep

by Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries 

Am I confused? Please tell me I'm wrong and the world is not hunting down a dentist who's killed a lion in Africa, yet, Planned Parenthood executives are not in prison for selling the body parts of unborn babies.

How can our world explode with outrage over ISIS and yet, legalize the dismemberment of the unborn? And how long, I wonder, will it be before the sale of human body parts has also become legalized?

Are we already losing our indignation over the undercover videos made of Planned Parenthood workers selling dismembered human beings made in God's image? Are we so quickly becoming desensitized to this news just as we have over the seemingly routine, daily massacre of our unborn?

Little tiny hands should be held, not sold. Tiny hearts should be loved, not aborted. But we ARE outraged, right? Or are we?

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  1. I Can't Believe Anyone in His/Her Right Mind Would Think It Is OK To Murder The Defenseless Unborn And Then Refuse To Call It A BABY!!!