Saturday, August 15, 2015

California Ban On Doctor-Assisted Suicide Upheld In San Francisco Court

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco Superior Court judge Friday upheld the enforcement of California laws dating back 141 years barring physician-assisted suicide after hearing arguments in a lawsuit filed by several terminally ill patients.

Several plaintiffs including Christy O’Donnell and her Bay Area doctor, Robert Brody, brought the San Francisco lawsuit asking that doctors be allowed to provide such treatment to patients who are mentally competent without fear of prosecution.

O’Donnell, who was in the courtroom Friday, cried openly outside the courtroom after Judge Ernest Goldsmith made his decision, but said she doesn’t want her tears to be misinterpreted as hopelessness.

“I am not hopeless,” said O’Donnell, a mother and former police officer and civil rights attorney who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She added that she is even more confident now that the law will change in California.

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