Friday, August 14, 2015

Yard Signs for Your Community Calling for Defunding and Closing Planned Parenthood

 from John Pisciotta 
Pro-Life Waco, Director
Don’t let your hometown be left out. Yard signs can be in your hometown by the end of August. Pro-Life Waco will soon order signs relating to the Planned Parenthood scandal. I solicited and received much valuable input from members of Hometown Pro-Life Action on Facebook.
I believe these messages on the front and back of a yard sign will be effective as a way for individuals and families to stand up to the barbaric Planned Parenthood.

Individuals and organizations can order yard signs for your community from Pro-Life Waco in lots of 20 signs for $100. No extra charge for shipping and handling. Indicate the appropriate address for shipping. The signs will NOT carry the name/contact information of Pro-Life Waco. You could place a sticker/label on signs with your name and contact information.

You can pay by going to the website and making the appropriate donation. Or you can send me an email message at and assure me that a check is in the mail. So, if you pay $300, I will know you want 60 yard signs. For communications on this, please use email and not Facebook messenger.

I am ordering 100 signs for public display in Waco. I must have my final number to order by Monday August 17. I have priced the signs to cover cost. I am not a liar like Planned Parenthood. The signs you will receive are the standard size 18” height by 24” wide--made of corrugated plastic.

You will have to acquire the wire step stakes to stick in the ground and into the signs. Stakes can be purchased at a local sign company or on-line. The step stakes are typically 30” tall and 10” wide. The step stakes have two vertical wire bars and two horizontal cross bars. I give one on-line source below with a price of about a dollar each. You are welcome to Google search “wire step stakes for yard signs” to find other sources.

I will ship the signs to you as quickly as possible when I receive them later this month. I hope your hometown will participate in this outreachso that--your neighbors will know that they have neighbors who are stunned into action by the desecration of the unborn by Planned Parenthood. Please share this message.

Here is an on-line source for (30” x 10”) wire step stakes for yard signs.

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