Wednesday, August 12, 2015

See That Old Book in the Corner?

“Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint…” – Proverbs 29: 18

by Tom Graffagnino

See That Old Book in the Corner?
Dusty words compiled by man…
Some pretend it’s “revelation”,
But they just don’t understand.

Look, today we see more clearly…
Yep, our vision’s crystal clear .
Science clarifies the matter…
And there is no “God” to fear.

You can trust us…We’ve got wisdom,
We’ve got words to redefine!
Sir, we’re simply here to help you
Know the true truth we divined.

So, relax…We’re really certain
That your good “God” never “spoke”…
And that Good Book that you’re reading?
Has at last, friend, been revoked.

We’ve progressed and now we’re HAPPY!
There’s no room, sir, for complaint…
We’ve moved on….We’re liberated!
And we’re WAY beyond restraint.

Watch as gender is upended,
"Boys" 'n' "girls", sir, shown the door,
Watch the Moral Law decoded,
Like you've never seen before!

Watch those "babies", sir, dismembered...
Look, today it's no big deal,
Just a yawner......little "goners"
Where the truth's no longer real.

Look there!...“Marriage” deconstructed!
Watch “Whatever” have its day…
Watch that Moral Compass vanish,
Black and white fade into gray.

Watch the bound’ries disappearing,
Watch the fences taken down,
Watch men redefining “sin”, sir…
(Self-Esteam- rolls into town.)

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