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Monday, August 31, 2015

Planned Parenthood Paid Political Ally Under False Guise of Impartiality to Find Fault with CMP Videos

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

Washington, DC - There is an old saying, "You get what you pay for." That adage held true in the recent disclosure by Planned Parenthood that they hired the radical leftist firm, Fusion GPS, to produce an analysis of incriminating videos released by the Center for Medical Progress favorable to Planned Parenthood.

"There's no doubt that Planned Parenthood got what they paid for, which was an 'analysis' that could be used by their supporters in the main stream media as fodder for a propaganda campaign against the Center for Medical Progress," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. Newman also serves on the Board of the Center for Medical Progress.

That report was prominently referred to in an 11-page letter sent yesterday by Planned Parenthood's CEO Cecile Richards to Congressional leadership.

Read more about Planned Parenthood's spurious efforts to discredit CMP videos.

Join us the Second and Fourth Wednesday of Each Month!

From The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform of Maryland (CBR)

This hour and a half may give you the opportunity for Christ to work directly through you to be His eyes, ears, and mouth, carrying His life saving message to a mother who is in crisis.

We will have signs, banners, and literature....all we need or better said...all moms and the preborn need is you! If you want to bring your own sign, or just prayer, you are welcome to join us. Statistics have shown that the more people present outside of a abortion mill the greater the number of moms who decide not to get an abortion.

Our schedule for the next several months at Planned Parenthood in Baltimore will be from 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM on the following dates:

Sept. 9th, Sept 23rd., Oct. 14th, Oct. 21st, Nov. 11th, Nov. 25th, Dec. 9th and Dec 23rd.

This gets us through the end of the year. If you have any questions contact Kurt at  kl1776@msn.com.

Abortionist's Red Herring

by Bernard J. Byrne

Some candidates have no lower level of flooring ,that they will not stoop to ,in order to garnish votes. Shaughnessy Naughton, running for office in the Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District shows, in her "Guest Opinion" column in the Intelligencer, exactly why she lost in her last attempt for office. In her column she promises to fight for Planned Parenthood. This is the same Planed Parenthood that has been proven in videos to be dissecting and selling baby parts. One video even purports to show, and tell, how one Planned Parenthood employee went so far, as to shock a delivered fetus, to restart the baby's heart, presumably to make the baby's body parts, more valuable.

In her article, Shaughnessy throws up the usual Abortionist's red herring. The falsehood that depriving Planned Parenthood of taxpayer supported funding will lead to a drop in health care for women. Those politicians who are horrified at the workings of Planned Parenthood and who have sought to deprive them of taxpayer funding have promised to give every penny of that funding, to other organizations that will provide all of the ethical heath care that would be reduced by the reduction of these funds, to Planned Parenthood. She berates those politicians, who would vote to defund Planned Parenthood in the Federal Budget, as extremists who would shut down the government. She neglects to say, that in truth, it will actually be President Obama and those politicians like herself, who continue to support Planned Parenthood, no matter what their evil deeds, that will actually be the one's shutting down the government. They will shut down the whole of government to insure that Panned Parenthood continues to receive your a earned taxes.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of ethical organizations all across America that provide the good women's health care, that is said to be provided by Planned Parenthood and they would do so without any of Planned Parenthood's unethical practices. Let's stop the vicious cycle of quid-pro-quo, that is government gives taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood gives large amounts of money to politicians who vote to give more of our taxes to Planned Parenthood, and around and around she goes. Let's put a stop to this merry-go-round of corruption. Let's put an end to politicians who pray on women's fears, in order to garner their votes, no matter how they have to distort the facts.

 Bernard J. Byrne is a pro-life advocate who lives with his wife, Barbara, in Central Bucks County. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

One Child More

by Kevin Aldrich
Catholic Stand

China has its evil and harmful “one child” policy.

I propose for American Catholics a “one child more” policy.

I think we should encourage all American, Catholic, married couples to ask themselves, “Could we have one child more?”

Who Benefits from “One Child More?”
  • The child who is the “one more.” He is blessed to have life, not just life on earth but eternal life. He will be born into a Catholic family, be baptized, and begin to live a life of grace as an adopted child of God. He will continue to be nourished as he grows in faith, and hopefully his time will not end but rather reach its fullness in Heaven for all eternity. 
  • The child’s siblings. As Pope John Paul II said, sometimes the best thing you can give your children is another brother or sister. Your children’s lives will be immensely enriched by this new family member who will need everyone’s care but who gives back so much love. 
  • The child’s parents. This “one child more” will demand more of you. You will grow in generosity and selfless service, making you even more pleasing to the Lord. 
  • The Church. There will be another baptized member of the body of Christ. Who can predict the ways your child will benefit evangelization? 
  • The world. We live in the most rich, healthy, and free nation in the world. Your child will have the advantage of living in freedom and will get a good education. He will be able to give back much.

article continues at http://www.catholicstand.com

Kevin Aldrich lives with his wife and seven children in Springfield, IL. He writes screenplays, TV pilots, novels, non-fiction books and articles, and English and religion curricula. His homiletic lectionary-based blog is Doctrinal Homily Outlines. His blog for aspiring writers is The Catholic Image.

A Time to Kill

by Tyler Blanski
Crisis Magazine 

In the 1996 crime drama film A Time to Kill, a ten-year-old black girl named Tonya is violently raped by two white supremacists. She survives and the men are arrested, but before an all-white jury they will likely walk free. So Tonya’s father, Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson), takes the law into his own hands and kills the rapists himself. A white lawyer, Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey), agrees to defend Hailey. But since the district attorney seeks the death penalty, and the presiding Judge denies Brigance a change of venue, Hailey is left to be tried before an all-white jury in rural Mississippi—he will likely not walk free. During his closing arguments, Brigance tells the jury to close their eyes and listen as he describes the rape of a young 10-year-old Tonya. “Can you see her? I want you to picture that little girl,” he says, and pauses. “Now imagine she’s white.”

Brigance wants you to see that his case rests on a principle. Even if you disagree with that principle, it remains a principle. It is not special pleading. If the jury would ever spare the life of a white man for avenging the brutal rape of his daughter, then they must do the same for a black man. Jake Brigance wants you to believe there is a time to kill.

The recent Planned Parenthood videos make a few things obvious. Human organs with human DNA are being harvested. Since only living organisms generate organs, these human organs are presumably being harvested from living human beings. A fetus is a living human being, at least scientifically; the natural sciences can say nothing as to whether or not a living human being is a person, for “personhood” is an abstract concept described and defined by other disciplines. Who decides which human beings have “personhood” and which do not? Who decides who gets to live or die based on such tenuous guesswork? Is an unwanted pregnancy a time to kill?

continue reading at http://www.crisismagazine.com

Tyler Blanski, a Catholic convert, is the author of When Donkeys Talk: Rediscovering the Mystery and Wonder of Christianity (Zondervan, 2012) and Mud & Poetry: Love, Sex, and the Sacred (Upper Room Books, 2010).

Saturday, August 29, 2015

55.8 percent of African-American babies aborted in NYC

from Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr., President
NYC Clergy for Better Choices

Hey its hard work but I believe we are building up a strong team to keep the message of life on the front burner in the New York and vicinity. We are taking what we have and offering up to God that we then may feed the people the word of life and expose the evil.

Clergy for Better Choices started late October of 2010. At that point 60% of all African American pregnancies were ending in abortion. Despite the millions of dollars the pro-aborts spend (and all their Lamborghinis) for the prorogation and support of genocide of the African American community, the rate of African American Pregnancies has been in decline since our inception. Despite the relentless efforts of the most pro-abort Mayor (Deblasio) Pro-Abort Governor (Cuomo) and pro abort President (Obama) " My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge" God didn't say they were destroyed because we are out spent by hundreds of millions but because they are destroyed by a have a lack of knowledge. We will continue with our 5 smooth rocks out of the stream of living water and with our sling of faith we will defeat the giant.

Providence has a lot to do with our victory. When I began Clergy For Better Choices, a saying I had coined for our social activism was taken by my friends at Life Always, and put up in So Ho (but I would have preferred the Bronx) "The Most dangerous Place For

An African American To Be Is In The Womb Of Their African American Mother." It certainly elevated the conversation of Black Abortion and aided greatly are grass root efforts. Whether church seminars, radio broadcast, cable television or clergy luncheons Clergy for Better Choice has been a constant force in the community and the Pastors and their congregations have made the difference. Clergy for Better Choices is keeping the conversation going and the numbers of Black Abortions are going down.

With more we will do more but it is imperative we focus on what we do have. We must take the 5 smooth stones out of the stream of living waters and with the sling of faith we through preaching and teaching we will hurl the word of life and defeat the Giant. There are many sharing our message and there will be many more. Keep the faith!

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., is the senior pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ. He is the founder of the website Blackgenocide.org and president of Life Education And Resource Network, Northeast. LEARN is the largest African-American pro-life group in the US.

New York Metropolitan Clergy for Better Choices is a network of pastors and church leaders concerned about the high rates of abortion in New York City and throughout the metropolitan area. According to data recently released by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 41% of viable pregnancies in New York City ended in abortion in 2009. We are aware the New York City's high rate of abortion is a symptom of an array of community problems, and New York Metropolitan Clergy for Better Choices is dedicated to promoting community solutions through education and outreach to the people who need it most.  For more information, please use this link. 


"I encourage the faithful to seek the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe...by praying the Rosary for the protection of unborn human life through the campaign of the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization." - Archbishop (now Cardinal) Raymond Burke in 2008

 The multinational PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES is set to begin September 29th and conclude on October 7th, 2015. During this annual novena, Masses will offered and Rosaries will be prayed for the following intention: For the protection of unborn human persons.

The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization, coordinator of the PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES, is encouraging people to be a part of the Novena by doing one or both of the following:

  1. Have at least one Mass offered during the Novena for the protection of unborn human persons.
  2. Pray one Rosary on each day of the Novena for the protection of unborn human persons.
Visit the website here for more information about the Novena, including how to register. Or, for additional information, one may send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Saint Michael the Archangel Organization; P. O. Box 41257; Memphis, Tennessee 38174; U.S.A.


Holy Michael, archangel, defend us in the day of battle; be our safeguard against the  wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou,  prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust down to hell Satan and all wicked  spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

The Family Fully Alive Deserves Pro-Life Health Care

From Friends of Fertility Care - Philadelphia

The theme for the 2015 World Meeting of Families is "Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive." This was inspired by the words of the early Church Father, St. Irenaeus, who said that "the glory of God is man fully alive." Archbishop Chaput tells us that,"in like manner, the glory of men and women is their capacity to love as God loves. And rarely can that love be lived out more intimately and fruitfully than in the family."

This year Philadelphians are experiencing two blessings - the visit of Pope Frances and the arrival of a new pro-life women's health practice. Dr. Monique Ruberu completed her training at the Pope Paul VI Institute in April and has been offering NaPro Technology and the Creighton Model FertilityCare System at Natural Women's Health, a hospital-based ob/gyn practice located in Meadowbrook.

According to Dr. Ruberu, she was,"a typical ob/gyn just like any of the others that have been trained." She would prescribe contraceptives for family planning and use them to treat women's health issues such as irregular cycles, dysfunctional bleeding and premenstrual syndrome [PMS]. 

That all changed after she experienced a major spiritual conversion. Dr. Ruberu read the book Unplanned by Abby Johnson in which the author spoke of her conversion to a pro-life leader from a planned parenthood director. A seed was planted by this book. Dr. Ruberu felt the call to offer support and pray outside of an abortion center. She also underwent a personal crisis in her life which was completely healed by the Lord. After its resolution and positive outcome, she decided to show her gratefulness to God by taking the step to pray outside of the 777 Appletree abortion center in Philadelphia in January, 2014.

Read more about Dr. Ruberu's  story using this link 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sidewalk Counseling Training Scheduled for September 13th in West Brandywine, PA

A Sidewalk Counseling Training Seminar will be offered on Sunday, September 13, 2015 at St. Peter Church, 2835 Manor Rd., West Brandywine, PA 19320. There will be two sessions. One from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm and repeated from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

The pro-life community engages in sidewalk counseling in order to reach women as they are entering an abortion facility and provide them with alternatives, information, support and love. In this training, participants will learn effective tools for reaching women in this critical moment. They will also gain an understanding of why women may be considering abortion. Practical tips will be provided regarding what works and what doesn’t work. There will be time for questions & answers.

Information on the network of resources that are available to women will also be presented.  Representatives from two local Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Birthright and Chester County Women’s Services, will provide information on the free services they offer at their centers.Their work makes the sidewalk counselors credible.

Please Contact Your Congressman - Tell Them Vote NO on CR it if Contains PP Funding

From Ted Meehan
Pro-Life Union of Delaware County

The federal government will be running out of money again toward the end of September. (By the way, Pope Francis is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress during his visit. And this may not be resolved by that time. Obviously, it would be huge if he could weigh in.) But the financial situation requires the Congress to appropriate additional money to run the government.

The Republican leadership in the House and Senate are trying to orchestrate a phony vote to cover backsides of Republican members, but then leave the PP money in the Continuing Resolution (CR) vote in September.

You may recall that Mitch McConnell promoted a 'stand alone' PP defunding bill, for which he couldn't get 60 votes to end debate and bring it to the floor. that allowed pro-life Republicans to cast a vote in favor of defunding - but it was strictly symbolic. Now, Boehner wants a 'stand alone' bill to defund PP, which would pass the House but would not be taken up by the Senate. In other words, it is window dressing. It would allow Republicans to tell their constituents that they voted to defund Planned Parenthood - but the vote will be meaningless.

They do have a real opportunity to get the money out for good. They simply need to remove the PP funding from the CR. Then pass the CR and send it to Obama. If he decides to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood, that's on him. But Boehner and McConnell have no stomach for it. They just want to cave, and continue to fund PP so as not to give Obama a chance to bash them as extremists.

There are some pro-life Congressmen circulating a letter declaring that they will not support any CR or any other bill that contains money for PP. So we want our local guys to sign on to that. It's important that they understand that we will not be fooled by the phony vote, and that the one we will watch is the CR.

Please contact  Congress today!

Subject Line - vote No on CR if it contains Planned Parenthood funding

Message: Vote NO on any funding bill that contains money for Planned Parenthood.

Contact Info for your Pennsylvania Congressmen is listed below.  For other states, please use this link to find your Congressman/woman and their contact information.

Congressman Ryan Costello
427 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4315

Congressman Pat Meehan
434 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2011
Fax: (202) 226-0280

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick
2400 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4276
Fax: (202) 225-9511

From Suicide to Euthanasia - EUROPE’S SINISTER SLIDE . . . AND OURS?

By: Eric Metaxas

When does the right to suicide become an obligation to die? Once again, Europe is pushing the boundaries.
“If you were a psychiatrist and a chronically depressed patient told you he wanted to die, what would you do?” That’s the question Charles Lane of the Washington Post recently asked.

In the United States, at least for now, the answer would be to employ a combination of talk therapy and drugs to ease the patient’s pain and alleviate what psychiatrists call “suicidal ideation.” If necessary, you might consider hospitalizing your patient.

But in Belgium, as Lane tells readers, “you might prescribe this vulnerable, desperate person a fatal dose of sodium thiopental.”

As Lane tells readers, between 2007 and 2011, 100 people went to a clinic in Belgium seeking euthanasia. While most of them were clinically depressed, not all of them were. Some of them were schizophrenic; others had Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism.

continue reading at http://www.breakpoint.org

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dramatic Showdown in Missouri over Illegal Abortion License and Fetal Tissue Trafficking

State money was illegally used to facilitate abortions in Columbia while missing pathology reports on abortions in St. Louis raise concerns a fetal tissue trafficking

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

Columbia, MO - Missouri State Sen. Kurt Schaefer is not very happy with the State Department of Health and Senior Services, or the Missouri University, for that matter.

As Chairman of the Missouri Senate Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life, Schaefer has been tasked with overseeing an investigation of Planned Parenthood in the wake of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that showed evidence that at least some Planned Parenthood affiliates engage in the illegal selling of human fetal remains for profit and even unethically alter abortion procedures to ensure that more remains are suitable for sale to biotech companies.

Yesterday's hearing continued a showdown between committee members, the DHHS, and Missouri University, which both make every effort to prevent the committee from obtaining important information about two Planned Parenthood facilities in St. Louis and Columbia.

Continue reading to learn more about Health Department efforts to cover up for Planned Parenthood in Missouri and Senate efforts to uncover the truth!

Action Item: Sign a Letter to the Synod Fathers from the Humanae Vitae Coalition

From Steve Mosher
Population Research Institute

Well-funded International lobbies for population control and abortion have mounted a powerful campaign to force the Church to change her teaching on marriage, children, and the family.

Bishops from around the world will meet at the Synod on the family in Rome this October. They are targets of a worldwide anti-family propaganda campaign promoted by the forces of evil.

At this critical moment, it is vital that we remind our bishops of our prayers and our support of Humanae Vitae.

Please read our urgent letter to the Synod Fathers to defend marriage and the family, then fill out the form to sign your name and join this coalition of support!

The pro-life Population Research Institute is dedicated to ending human rights abuses committed in the name of "family planning," and to ending counter-productive social and economic paradigms premised on the myth of "overpopulation." Find us at pop.org.

Aborted Fetal Tissue in our Vaccines

Basia was one of the many who spoke at our #ProtestPP protest and rally this past Saturday. She has graciously allowed us to print what she had to say on our blog.

Good morning fellow pro life warriors! My name is Basia. I am here to speak about an issue that has been weighing heavily on my conscience lately. I also want to help bring awareness to the topic itself. And that is our compliance with aborted fetal cells in many of our vaccines. Being pro life since my college years, I had no idea that the vaccines that I gave to my children contained aborted fetal cell contaminants. I also had no idea that I could refuse them based on my conscience and my choice to do what is best for MY child. No doctor, No pro-lifer, No religious leader had ever told me this. And I felt completely blind sided. I thought, "how could I have done this to my child? How could I have participated, however remote, in such a heinous act toward other voiceless children?" I wanted desperately to undo what I did, but obviously I cannot.

But I would like to help inform others so they can make an informed decision. Your doctor will likely not provide full informed consent to this all too common medical practice, as their goal is ensuring everyone is fully vaccinated. But doctors are not MY God. And MY God would not be happy with what is happening on those videos exposing PP as a gruesome, grotesque "science lab" and butchery. I believe deep down in my soul, that babies bodies are NOT meant to be pieced apart and used to advance science. They are NOT to be used to advance "medicine". God would not bless a corporation that defends this evil for any reason.

Since 1979, our children have been given vaccines laced with debris produced from within cells of aborted fetal lungs. Presently in our country, the MMR, Hepatitis A, chicken pox, the shingles vaccine as well as others all contain aborted fetal cell debris. Up until 2 years ago, the US did provide moral and ethical alternatives using animal cells. But that has since stopped. Apparently the public outcry to provide these alternatives was not loud enough to encourage pharmaceutical companies to provide moral alternatives that would not exploit the bodies of dismembered babies.

The Vatican tells us, "everyone has a moral obligation to demand moral alternatives". If you plan to use these vaccines, WITHOUT protest, then yes, you are involved with the business exposed in those videos. I can't live comfortably with that, and my hope is that neither could you. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to assume the public will readily accept other medications that would require NEW human sacrifices.

 In Pennsylvania, you can go to Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent to find out the state laws for school attendance in regards to vaccines.  This is a very informative group of parents who want to preserve the freedom to choose what is injected into our children.

World renowned scientist, Dr. Theresa Deisher at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute found in her research that more children have been permanently injured after they have been given vaccines containing aborted fetal cells since their introduction to vaccines in 1979. Her son passed away at the age of 14 after developing Burkitt's Lymphoma. Dr. Deisher has found that lymphoma's have increased 700 fold after the introduction of aborted fetal cells to vaccines, in addition to the increase in other autoimmune diseases and autism.

I have a brochure from Children of God for Life for you all. I am often in touch with Debi Vinnedge, who runs this organization. I find her to be very much a modern day saint bravely standing up to the pharmaceutical companies who are a trillion dollar business and very powerful in this country. But I say God is more powerful. I urge you all to please read over the brochure and also go to their website which is VERY informative. You will learn all about the business of abortion and vaccines as well as abortion and fetal stem cell experimentation. What the religious leaders have to say about it and what you can do. Thank you all so much for your dedication to protecting the dignity of ALL human life. May Mary Our Mother, hold those nameless babies who have been taken too soon and may God bless you all.

Basia Edwards is a pro-life warrior who lives in Bucks County, PA.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

40 Days for Life in Warminster, PA

Join the Worldwide Movement to Protect Mothers and Babies

From September 23 - November 1, our community will join with hundreds of othes cities participating in 40 Days for Life, a life-saving campaign made up of three components:


40 Days for Life is a peaceful pro-life effort made up of more than 625,000 volunteers in 559 cities across 24 nations.

With God's help, 40 Days for Life has seen proven results: 10,331 babies spared from abortions, 118 abortion worker conversions, and 60 closed abortion centers.


Get involved, and you can help save lives!

For more information on the Warminster 40 Days for Life, contact Mary Paris at me@parisherd.com

Use this link for more information on the National level or to find a 40 Days for Life Campaign in your area.

The Poem of the Silent Scream

by Mike Yant 

I watched a film a few years back,
That painted the issue stark white and black.
Its horror screamed such statement bold, 
As with helpless rage, my blood ran cold.

The baby, illumined by ultrasound,
Innocent, unaware, was abortion bound.
The tool, prepared to end his small life, 
Precise as a chainsaw, or dull butcher's knife,
Was a suction tube, to tear and to rip, 
Wee arms from the shoulders, wee legs from the hips.

While the doctor his tool of death did prepare,
The babe in his mom sucked his thumb with no fear.
Calm and curled up, with ne'r panicky thought,
Till the tube touched his foot, then he jumped as though shot.
He writhed, and he kicked, he jerked and he flailed,
Frantic with pain, but it nothing prevailed.
For onward and on came that sucking death, 
And his screams would have pierced, if he had any breath.

He fought for his life - it was plain to see.
If that's not awareness, what could it be?
But the Doctor in dealing out death was precise,
His degree from Dachau, his heart was black ice.
Though the little guy tried, and Oh, how he tried!
He jerked, and he kicked, mouthing screams, terrified,
Effort was futile, escape was denied,
Dismembered, and bleeding, he slowed, and he died.

EVIL! Grotesquely, obscenely wrong!
I don't care a whit the size of the throng,
Who on their brooms screaming, howling for choice,
Fly cross the moon shrieking, the Banshee's own voice!
The child CHOSE not to suffer, he chose not to die,
Their shrill screech of choice is a damnable lie!
They're without natural mercy, without common grace!
The truth of the issue is that child's tortured face.

Watch the full length movie below.  The Silent Scream, is narrated by Dr. Bernard Nathanson an obstetrician, NARAL Pro-Choice America founder, and abortion provider turned pro-life activist.  The movie was  produced in partnership with the National Right to Life Committee.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Join the Worldwide Movement to Protect Mother and Babies

From Rita Smith, M.E.V. 
Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

From September 23 - November 1, our community will join with hundreds of othes cities participating in 40 Days for Life, a life-saving campaign made up of three components:

40 Days for Life is a peacful pro-life effort madeup of more than 625,000 volunteers in 559 cities across 24 nations. 

With God's help, 40 Days for Life has seen proven results: 10,331 babies spared from abortions, 118 abortion worker conversions, and 60 closed abortion centers.  

Get involved, and you can help save lives!

For more information on the Norristown 40 Days for Life, contact Rita at providarita1@gmail.com.

Use this link for more information on the National level or to find a 40 Days for Life Campaign in your area.

Singer-Sanger Singing Vocals - A Poem by Tom Graffagnino

by Tom Graffagnino

Singer-Sanger singing vocals,
Twist and Shout, the culture hums.
Ancient echoes from the dark side...
Master Molech on the drums!

The "Utopiates of Progress"
Have us rockin' 'round the clock,
It's a mesmerizing anthem...
Now we're all immune to shock.

It's the Gulag back-beat rhythm,
Making numb skulls all enthrall.
Selling baby parts for profit,
While we're scoffing at The Fall.

Orwell's night spot's now our pleasure,
Adolf Hitler's Purple Haze.
It's a conscience-searing frenzy,
(New Age Neo-Pagan phase.)

It's the pounding pulse of Ashtar,
It's the Greenish Brew she stirred, 
It's the moondance 'round the campfire,
Where the Light of Truth is blurred.

It's the dark din now for legions,
In the realm of Jezebel....
Where the lukewarm sit in comfort,
As the "horned god" casts his spell.

It's the song that Adam swayed to,
On the lyre the Liar played,
It's the consequence of blindness,
It's the bed that we have made.

Read related article that inspired this poem here

A Modern Day Holocaust

By Jonathan Abbamonte and Christopher Manion, PhD
Population Research Institute 

Since Roe v. Wade abortion has claimed the lives of over 53 million babies in America. More than eight times as many infants have been killed through abortion than Jews murdered in the Nazi concentration camps. Abortion is truly the Holocaust of our time.

On May 2, 1945, the 8th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Wöbbelin, Germany. There they discovered bodies that “were found piled four and five feet high,” and others that were strewn among the sick and dying.

Four days later, under orders of the 82nd Airborne Division, American troops forced the residents of the nearby town of Ludwigslust to walk through the camp and see what had been happening next door to their homes for years.

Nine days later, on May 15, Lt. Col. Ed Seiller of Louisville, Kentucky, literally stood amidst a pile of Holocaust victims at one of the liberated Dachau sub-camps and spoke to some 200 German civilians from nearby Landsberg whom American forces had forced to walk through the camp and see first-hand many of those who had died there.

How many of them had known about these camps? Seeing the horror first hand, they could no longer claim ignorance.

These vivid and sordid scenes come to mind when we confront the accounts and images of Planned Parenthood technicians sifting through the soupy remains of their abortion victims. These atrocious scenes happen everyday in abortion clinics nationwide.

Planned Parenthood alone slaughters over 325,000 children every year or at a rate of 37 every hour. But that isn’t enough for them–after all, they were founded by a eugenicist, Margaret Sanger. For her acolytes, there’s always more work to be done. The $528 million that Congress gives to Planned Parenthood every year aren’t enough to line the pockets of this murderous organization. They won’t be content until they can cut the brains out of babies as their hearts are still beating as a recent Center for Medical Progress video reveals.

The abortion rate in America has plummeted to the lowest levels since 1973. We now know how Planned Parenthood plans to make up for its lost profits — harvesting organs of aborted children and the more intact the better. If that means delivering a live baby before ensuring demise, so be it. If that means procuring baby parts without patient consent, so be it.

But Planned Parenthood is proud of their organ harvesting program. After all, it’s for the sake of life-saving medical research.

Did I say “medical research”? Yes, that’s the same term used by Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi “Chief Physician” at Birkenau near Auschwitz. Every day, Dr. Mengele (a.k.a. the “Angel of Death”) would sift through the incoming prisoners and select those he deemed most useful for his “experiments.”

Holly O’Donnell, an ex-procurement technician for StemExpress (a company allegedly involved in the purchasing of fetal parts from Planned Parenthood), recounts the zeal among some abortionists in harvesting baby parts. “If there wasn’t a girl in the room [for an abortion], he would get mad. He would pace the hallways if there wasn’t something to do,” she says in the video.

One can only be reminded of accounts from concentration camp survivors describing Mengele’s “frenzied attitude in carrying out his research…he seemed to have an inner compulsion to get a great deal accomplished quickly in a personal race against time.”

Like Planned Parenthood, Mengele was obsessed with obtaining more “specimens” for his research. Eyewitnesses have said that he was always present at the train depot when inmates arrived (unlike the other doctors who took turns with the job). He would avidly search out twins for his “research.” He would often be heard calmly whistling Wagner while choosing which subjects were fit for his experiments. Among those who were not selected for his research, he would decide in a glance who would become a slave laborer and who would be sent to the gas chambers. Mengele had a strong preference for the latter option.

Aside from Mengele’s egregious and murderous violation of ethics, his “research” appeared to follow a methodology quite acceptable for his time. His “research” was academically rigorous, methodical and conducted with state-of-the-art medical devices and facilities—not unlike the “valid” research done with human fetal body parts as procured by Planned Parenthood.

Mengele would often perform dissections on twins after conducting research. In spite of his affectionate demeanor towards his patients during the course of a study, if he decided that a dissection would be beneficial he would often murder them himself.

One Nazi doctor was reported to have recalled an instance where “Mengele had shot…two boys in the neck and that ''while they were still warm, began to examine them: lungs first, [then] each organ.'' These boys had been the favorites with the doctors and with Mengele himself.

But of course, as pro-abortion advocates would have us believe, that’s completely different from ripping a baby from its mother’s womb at 18 weeks gestation and cutting out its organs as his or her little heart is still beating…completely different.

Given the similarities between SS Dr. Josef Mengele and Planned Parenthood’s organ-harvesting business, it’s no surprise that, after the war, Mengele became arenowned abortionist in Argentina. Of course, at that time, abortion was illegal in Argentina, but laws never seem to hinder the radical pro-abortion cadres.

The curtain has been lifted. The American public has seen first-hand Planned Parenthood’s grisly abortion business as clear as the day when U.S. troops liberated the concentration camp at Wöbbelin. Yet to this day, Planned Parenthood continues to harvest baby parts.

And all of this for life-saving research—never mind the baby that is killed in the process.

The irony is absolutely sickening.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Memorial Service for Victims of Abortion Scheduled for Sept. 12th in Delaware County, PA

On Saturday, September 12, pro-life Americans will honor the memory of the more than 50 million unborn victims of abortion during the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children.

Solemn prayer services will be held simultaneously at gravesites around the country where abortion victims have been buried, as well as at many other memorial sites dedicated in their honor.

Join us for the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children and ensure that our unborn brothers and sisters will not be forgotten.  

For more information on this local event, please contact Jack and Pat O'Brien at patandjohnob@yahoo.com 

for more information on this national event, visit AbortionMemorials.com 

August 22 Protest and Rally at the Warminster, PA Planned Parenthood

From Terry Noble
Co-Chair Bucks County Christian Coalition

The Protest and Rally for Life at the Planned Parenthood in Warminster, PA, held in conjunction with over 300 rallies nationwide, was well attended, with 147 participating.

Reverend Chuck Wilson from New Hope Community Church opened with prayer, and Reverend Douglas Dwyer from Addisville Reformed Church said the closing prayer.

We had many wonderful speakers which included the following from a few of our area CPCs:
Susan told us that this year, 238 babies have been saved from abortion through their two crisis pregnancy centers, one located in Center City Philadelphia and one in Bristol, PA.

One young mother, shared information about vaccines. She said that many vaccines contain tissue from aborted babies and cause many disorders, including the Shingles vaccine.

A woman from Faith Step spoke about the mental, emotional and spiritual trauma that women suffer after an abortion. Many suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicidal thoughts. Three women founded the ministry and conduct seminars and bible studies that is integral to the healing process. They have helped countless women be healed from the guilt, shame and unforgiveness toward themselves through the love of Christ. The three founders are post abortive and minister the same healing and forgiveness they experience.

A Call to Action flyer was handed out to everyone with specific ways to stop the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood, and tables were set up with pro-life literature and other hand-outs, including help for post abortive women. One brochure,  Myths, Men and Abortion,  from Silent No More Awareness  was directed to fathers. 

 Many participants stayed afterwards to talk and exchange information.  Below are some more pictures taken at this protest and rally.


Prayerful Protest Outside Planned Parenthood in Hackensack, NJ

From Deacon Tim Kennedy
Archdiocese of Newark; Deacons for Life 

There were over 200 at the Hackensack NJ Rally.  Present were 40 Days for Life, Father Larry Fama, Director of Respect Life Ministry Archdiocese of Newark, Deacon Tim Kennedy - Archdiocese of Newark and Deacons for Life, a witness from Silent No More Awareness Campaign who traveled from Vermont to be present, having had an abortion at this facility many years ago. Also present were Clergy from other Faith denominations and over 200 prayerful protesters.

Some pictures from Saturday's #PPSellsBabyParts National Day of Protest in Hackensack, NJ. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Legacy Alive! An Invitation from Legacy of Life Foundation

Legacy of Life Foundation, an organization which raises funds for Women’s Centers where Life-Centered Counseling helps a woman in crisis make the one right choice for the life of her unborn child, is pleased to announce their summer tour of their Bucks County, PA center.

Join Marie Joseph and her talented crisis pregnancy center counseling staff for a very special, uplifting and engaging tour of one their centers.

Journey step-by-step through the extremely charitable process that has empowered over 600 women and counting) in unplanned pregnancies to be freed from fear and isolation and choose LIFE!

Discover through compelling firsthand accounts of lives saved and radically changed through the effective, highly professional, and unique approach of the women's centers.

Learn about their three year "STAR" support program that is transforming women's lives and the communities they serve. Hear about their exciting plans for growth in 2015 and beyond.

The next tour date is scheduled for  August 27th for their Bucks County Center. For address and details, please RSVP to Tobey via e-mail at Tobey@legacyoflifefoundation.org or by phone at 215-788-4051.

The Legacy of Life Foundation supports two crisis women’s centers in Bucks County and Philadelphia, by fundraising to support the financial needs of these two life-sustaining centers.

The unique mission of the centers they fund is the counseling approach used to empower women in an unplanned pregnancy to be free from fear and isolation so that they can freely choose life.

If you would like to help them with a tax-deductible contribution, click on the button below.

StemExpress CEO Jokes about Shipping Whole Heads of Aborted Babies to Research Labs

by Tom Graffagnino

Joking, laughing at the horror...
Severed baby heads for sale!
It's just what the doctor ordered,
Out here way beyond the pale.

We insist...."But... Hey! It's legal!"...
(The excuse the darkness makes),
It's a harbinger of judgement,
At a Lawless culture's wake.

It's a symptom we've detected,
(Willful blindness, conscience lost,)
Heads-in-sand, we see no evil, 
Yawning at the holocaust.

Once again we say..."It's legal!"...
(Darkness pushing back the Light.)
It's a harbinger of judgement,
On a culture's final flight..

It's the Sacred Rite of Molech,
Man's atonement for his sin.
Humanism's final effort,
Blood of tiny lambs again.

See article from Live Action News on this subject here

Upcoming Pro-Life Events for Chester County, PA

From Paulette Matthews
Chester County Pro-Life Coalition 

  • Opening for the 40 Days for Life Campaign - September 23rd
  • Midway Event for 40 Day - Third Annual Baby Shower - October 3rd
  • 2nd Annual Memorial Cross Walk Through Downtown West Chester - November 1st



We have been invited to hold our 40 Days for Life Campaign Opening at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills. It will be an hour Prayer Service lead by Pastor Joseph Stigora.

Pastor Stigora has served as a Pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church for 15 years. His wife, Wendy, oversees the church's pro-life team. Their pro-life activities include 40 Days for Life, March for Life in Washington, and supporting local crisis pregnancy centers. They are passionate advocates for adoption as they, themselves, are adoptive parents.

If you have not yet met Pastor Stigora, his wife and 5 children in front of PP, this is the perfect time to do so and to met many of the other participants of our prayer vigils whom we seldom see due to the campaign scheduling of our hours. Let us unite our hearts in Christ for another successful 40 Days Campaign both in West Chester and the other 250+ campaigns that will begin on Sept. 23rd with us. 

I will have 40 Days for life material available at the church for the campaign. Also, remember to sign up on 40daysforlife.com for your daily devotionals and daily progress of this 17th National Campaign of 40 Days. 

Covenant Fellowship Church is located just behind Target and Home Depot on Route 1 & 322 at 1 Fellowship Drive, Glen Mills.



The fire storm that the employees of Planned Parenthood have wrought upon themselves by telling the truth, has placed them in the eye of the media more than we ever could. Our visible presence in front of PP is being noticed now more than ever and better understood. And how better to publicly demonstrate our love and caring for these women and children than having our baby shower again right in front of Planned Parenthood 8th S. Wayne and W. Market Sts.

On Saturday, October 3rd from 10 AM to 2 PM, Don and I will be walking with strollers in front of PP. Bring your stroller and walk with us and bring an item for the babies. 

Again, we will be supporting Chester County Women Services in West Chester and the Birthrights in both West Chester and Coatesville. 

You are encourage to use this event as another way to bring attention to the fact that October is Respect Life Month and if at all possible encourage your church and organizations to collect items for the babies and bring them down to PP with you. 

New and used clothing up to size 4 are welcomed. Larger size diapers are always in demand. Also Dollar Store baby items are a blessing. Those one dollar items are a great way to help children become involve in life saving activities for the unborn. Everyone likes buying baby gifts and it is doable for the children. Whatever the Holy Spirit encourages you to do, it is beyond appreciated by the three pregnancy centers. 

For every 1 Planned Parenthood, there are 51 crisis pregnancy centers. Only with God's blessing and our working together can a ratio like that be created.



Taking advantage of every opportunity to increase the awareness of the respect and dignity that the unborn and their mothers deserve, we will gather in the parking lot behind St. Agnes' Catholic Church, 233 W. Gay Street at 1:30 PM on Sunday, Nov 1st. There we will receive our white Memorial Cross to carry.

Thomas Ackerman, who practices the Messianic Jewish faith and attends a local Baptist church, will lead us in prayer so that we may walk in reverent silence reflecting on the injustices wrought on the unborn. 

Bill Wohlgemuth, President of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, has made these 57 white Memorial Crosses available to us again. Each cross represents one million babies who have perished since the legalization of abortion in America. Also is carried the signs that informs the local area people that over 20,000 babies have died right in their community on Wayne St.since 1996.

On the steps of the old Court House, Pastor Don Britton of Stoneybank Community Church will reflect on the present issues of today and on our need to remain faithful to our public hours of prayer in front of Planned Parenthood. 

Your participation in this event last year made the walk a total success for the unborn. The unborn need your generous gift of your time again as we need over 60 people to participate to do the walk as well as we did it last year. The more people participating , the more signs that can be carried which reinforces the plight of the unborn.

The walk will culminate at the Knight's of Columbus Hall, 110 W. Market St. A light lunch will be served giving us time to fellowship and enjoy each other's company.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Were Planned Parenthood Videos Produced Unethically?

by Monica Migliorino Miller
Crisis Magazine

Planned Parenthood has had a very bad summer. This is the consequence of videos produced by David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in an under-cover sting operation that provide convincing evidence that Planned Parenthood clinics sell body parts of aborted babies for profit.

Daleiden and members of CMP passed themselves off as representatives of a fake biologics company to facilitate their covert action. For this they have been criticized by at least two articulate voices, Professor Robert George and Catholic author Mark Shea. They accuse Daleiden and CMP of engaging in the evil of lying and consequentialist ethics.

Their arguments were first made against Lila Rose when four years ago undercover investigators from her group Live Action, conducted similar pro-life covert activities. At the time, I published an exhaustive critique refuting the claims of Live Action’s critics. I will review some of those arguments here and offer a new perspective as to why Daleiden did not lie.

The George and Shea analysis, while thoughtful, suffers from a literalist understanding of language and communication and fails to make a sufficient distinction between lying as a direct offense against truth and acts of deception that can be morally justified. Critics of CMP are more than hesitant to condemn covert police or wartime operations which require false identities. If critics of CMP cannot come to a moral conclusion about these types of deceptive acts they have very little ground by which to condemn Daleiden.

Art. 2485 of the Catechism (CCC) states that “By its very nature lying is to be condemned.” Art. 2483 states: “To lie is to speak or act against the truth in order to lead someone into error.” Art. 2488: “The right to the communication of the truth is not unconditional” and we are required “in concrete situations to judge whether or not it is appropriate to reveal the truth to someone who asks for it.” And finally, Art. 2489: “The good and safety of others, respect for privacy, and the common good are sufficient reasons for being silent about what ought not be known or for making use of a discreet language. … No one is bound to reveal the truth to someone who does not have the right to know it.”

Art. 2483 identifies the components of a lie as 1) speech or action 2) against the truth 3) in order to lead someone into error. The language “in order to” means the intent to lead another into error. If the term “error” only refers to leading someone to thinksomething is true (when it isn’t true) and not moral error, then all undercover police officers are guilty of sin—but the Catholic Church does not teach that they commit sin.

Let’s also note Art. 2469: “The virtue of truth gives another his just due.” This article indicates that truth may be withheld from those who do evil; as such persons have lost their moral entitlement to a “just due.” It is clear that several factors need to be considered before judging whether particular speech or action is a lie.

Augustine and Aquinas both believed that any false signification in word or deed was an offense against the good of truth and thus sinful as such signs contradict what one knows to be the truth in one’s mind. Aquinas teaches that lying exists in the will to make a false statement that causes another to be deceived. It would appear there is no way to justify the donning of a false identity according to strict Thomistic principles.

However, even St. Thomas taught that ambushes in war could be morally justified (ST. 2, 2, Q40, art 3). He cites the actions of Joshua who tricked the enemy by instructing his army to pretend a retreat when in fact his men were luring their foes into a trap. Aquinas approved of actual gestures of false signification stating: “A man may be deceived by what we say or do, because we do not declare our purpose or meaning to him.” Aquinas goes on to say: “Nor can these ambushes be properly called deceptions, nor are they contrary to justice or to a well-ordered will.”

The Thomist system may provide a basis to understand why the Church does not condemn the use of false identity for a good purpose. When it comes to lying or the morality of any action, Aquinas states (ST 2,2, Q110) that actions have two parts—the end for which a person acts and the means by which the end is achieved and both parts are willed by the acting person. For instance, one wills to quench one’s thirst and to drink a glass of water is the means by which the end is achieved.

However, Aquinas taught that certain goods other than the truth, namely the good of life and the good of ownership of property may be “taken away” under certain circumstances. Here I wish to build on the insights of Professor Janet Smith and explain how false identity does not directly offend against truth and is thus not a lie.

continue reading at http://www.crisismagazine.com

Monica Migliorino Miller is the Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society and Associate Professor of Theology at Madonna University in Michigan. She holds a degree in Theatre Arts from Southern Illinois University and graduate degrees in Theology from Loyola University and Marquette University. She is the author of several books including The Theology of the Passion of the Christ (Alba House) and, most recently, The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church (Emmaus Road).

Planned Parenthood Protests Gov. Jindal

On August 20th, Planned Parenthood held a protest outside the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion because of Governor Jindal’s decision to cancel Louisiana’s Medicaid contract with Planned Parenthood. Governor Jindal played the Planned Parenthood videos on his front lawn so protestors could see why he made the decision he did.

Watch the video below to see how these protesters responded to these videos.


We hardly knew ye: Memorial to the Unborn

Exclusive: Marisa Martin highlights a virtual cemetery for abortion victims

Add And to them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name (“yad vashem”) … that shall not be cut off.” (Isaiah 56:5)
by Marisa Martin

Imagine a world without memorials or references to past human beings. No Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or Arch de Triumph. No heroes, no great leaders, nor saviors of humanity. In such a place, every generation believes they alone created the great civilizations about them. It would be as if all that came before had never even existed.

People can die twice that way – first by death, and then by mass forgetfulness. For that reason Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem was created, to acknowledge millions of Jewish persons as individuals. Refusing to minimalize them as merely a tragic throngs, they preserve family history, hopes and especially names of the dead. This is supremely important. Minimalizing persons into nameless units and rationalizing their annihilation is how real-time genocides are happening under our watch.

America’s Supreme Court justified mass murder in America at least twice, and one is ongoing. Both their Dred Scott and Roe vs. Wade rulings unleashed legal, political, social and spiritual battles. One culminated in a devastating war. The other hasn’t yet been settled, but the body count is soaring.

In effect, nine justices demanded that unborn children be disenfranchised, nameless and forgotten – with no more rights than meat products before and after death. Most of us disagreed with that dehumanization, but had no idea how to change it – or if it was even possible.

At least one man is convinced we can, beginning with the past.

Kevin Kenyon lives a workaday life in Bluffton, South Carolina, but God has given him an extraordinary vision. The married marketing consultant is a pro-life Catholic with two teenagers in Catholic schools. One day Kenyon met Ruben Coplo, a 3D architectural animation artist, and was quite impressed with a project of his. A local private high school planned new buildings and a football field, and the architect hired Coplo to create an animation of the anticipated finished state.

Almost immediately Kenyon grasped the vast potential of life-like architectural animation of this type beyond real estate development. Pondering potential businesses that may benefit from this type of animation, he described a vision which then struck him.

“I saw a beautiful place will rolling green fields and row after row of white crosses as far as the eye could see,” he said. “A place that didn’t exist in reality, but could ‘exist’ online for all to visit and see. A memorial to the unborn, a place to visually experience the magnitude of abortion while remembering that each and every baby that has been taken from us was an individual and should be remembered.”

article continues here and includes more pictures