Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato: Protecting Life “Supersedes All Other Issues”

“Abortion is the pre-eminent and defining issue of our day and supersedes all other issues.”

By Calvin Freiburger
Live Action News

In a passionate homily shown worldwide on EWTN, Father Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life declared that “the issue of thousands of babies dying in our country every single day” is the “one issue that we need to get right” and that if we do, “all the other issues will start falling into place.”
“Over a hundred twenty thousand babies die from abortion each day worldwide,” he added. “This is such a river of blood, such an affront against God, the author of life, that there can really be no issue more important or demanding greater or immediate attention.”

Imbarrato rebuked those who attempt to downplay abortion as no more important than any other political or cultural issue. “As important as all the non-negotiables are, and they are non-negotiables, we now have seen others try to make the list include all issues. Otherwise known as this ‘consistent life ethic,’ the ‘seamless garment,’ so to speak,” he said. But while “we need to be mindful of the poor, and many other social issues,” the fact remains that “abortion is the pre-eminent and defining issue of our day and supersedes all other issues.”

“Really, how dare anyone say–I don’t care, laity, priest, bishop–that all issues are equal?” he challenged. “That we adhere to some consistent life ethic as a reason to regulate murder at the beginning and end of life is just another issue facing our society?”

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