Thursday, October 27, 2016

Senator Pat Toomey Defends the Sanctity of Life

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President
Susan B. Anthony List

Earlier this week, Senator Pat Toomey and his opponent, Katie McGinty participated in the last debate before the election, to be held on November 8th.

The candidates were asked about their stance on abortion, in particular, regarding the Pennsylvania House approving a bill to ban abortions after twenty weeks of pregnancy.

Senator Toomey eloquently delivered this statement:
“This is a tough issue…the reason it’s tough is because it pits two competing values. On one hand, there’s the value of personal autonomy…on the other hand, there’s the importance of the sanctity of human life. Now, when those two clash, for me, I come down on the side of life. And so, I am pro-life.”
In addition to stating his position on this crucial issue, he also pointed out his opponent’s extreme, pro-abortion stance:
“There’s no point at which an abortion in unacceptable to her.”
In fact, Katie McGinty is endorsed by EMILY’s List, a radical, pro-abortion organization that opposes even the most modest pro-life initiatives. Katie McGinty will answer to the abortion lobby, not to the people of Pennsylvania.

Katie McGinty is even in favor of repealing the Hyde Amendment, a bipartisan amendment that restricts taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. On this specific issue, Senator Toomey said the following:
“We’ve agreed for decades that we don’t use taxpayer money for those abortions.”
We encourage you to watch this video highlighting the segment of the debate in which the life issue was discussed.

Election Day is less than two weeks away. A pro-life majority in the Senate hangs in the balance, and we hope that pro-life Senator Pat Toomey will earn your vote on November 8th.

NOTE: For more information on where these candidates stand on the issue of life, please use this link.

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