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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sex Trafficking Victims: Planned Parenthood “Didn’t Ask Questions”

by Nancy Flanders
Live Action News

There are more people living in slavery today than at any other point in the history of mankind. In the United States alone, 400,000 are enslaved, but the people and organizations with the ability to save these individuals choose not to. Instead, they choose to turn a blind eye so they can collect money for forced abortions.

According to UNICEF, about 1.2 million children are being trafficked each year for sexual exploitation. They are sex slaves, forced to commit sexual acts while living in constant fear for their lives. They are raped, beaten, sliced with razors, and threatened with death. And now a study has shown that when these girls become pregnant, they are forced into abortions, repeatedly.

The Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking and Their Implications for Identifying Victims in Healthcare Facilities study found that of the 66 sex trafficking victims they learned about, 55% had undergone at least one abortion. More than 30% had multiple abortions.

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