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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust Invite You to an Un-birthday Party!

from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

Fr. James Linton was illegally arrested this week at Planned Parenthood San Bernardino -- just as they are planning to celebrate their 100th anniversary of their founding -- not very festive of them!!

I met with Fr. James, and he is in good spirits despite his ordeal. He is excited to return to the street in front of Planned Parenthood for the party we are throwing for them this weekend.

Actually, it's an Un-birthday party! And you are invited!

Our Un-birthday party will include prayer before the almighty God to pray for Planned Parenthood. We are going to pray:

  1. God, please close this killing center down.
  2. God, please give your church the courage to take a stand against the number one provider of abortions in America.
  3. Please cause a disturbance in the hearts of everyone who works at Planned Parenthood, and fill them with the conviction of your Holy Spirit.
  4. Please protect those who counsel daily for life.
  5. Please move on the police to not be the gatekeepers and protectors of Planned Parenthood.
  6. Please guide us to victory against this giant killing machine.
After all, Father -- It's their birthday!

Join Fr. James and the Survivors for the 100th Birthday party -- Un-birthday party, that is!

Saturday, October 15, 2016 
10:00 am
Planned Parenthood
1873 Commerce Center West
San Bernardino, CA

We will be praying together and singing together and exposing Planned Parenthood and their part in the millions of babies who never had a birthday!

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