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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hillary's Abortion Doctor: She's a 'Christ Figure'

By Bob Unruh
World Net Daily

Hillary Clinton was viewed as a “Christ figure” and so wholly dedicated to advocating for abortion that pro-life people will wish for the days of Obama if she is elected.

That’s according to author Paul Kengor, whose projects have included “Takedown” and “11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative.”

He told WND that Americans “still believe and understand that the right to life is the first and most fundamental of all freedoms, without which no other rights and freedoms can exist.”

“I could quote figures as diverse as Ronald Reagan and Pope Francis agreeing on that one,” he said.

“And yet, Hillary Clinton completely disagrees with that. For her, her first principle and first priority is a ‘woman’s right to choose.’ She sees the ‘right’ to abortion as a fundamental ‘human right.’ Nothing is more politically and ideologically sacred to Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Significantly, “She sees her faith in Roe v. Wade as not at all in conflict with her lifelong Christian faith, and neither did her OB-GYN in Arkansas, who – quite amazingly – just happened to be the single largest abortion provider in the entire state of Arkansas. This man, Dr. William Harrison, proudly admitted to doing some 20,000 abortions, and he proudly counted Hillary Clinton as his patient and a kindred soul.”

He continued, “Liberals will seek any excuse to avoid reporting this story, including the fact that Dr. Harrison said he never did an abortion on Hillary. But Harrison not doing an abortion on Hillary isn’t the point. The point is their similar attitudes toward abortion, including how they justified their positions with their Christian faith.”


  1. How does she justify her ideas against the Bible if she is a Christian? There are passages in the Bible that talk about the loss of the life of an unborn child because of two men fighting and injuring a pregnant woman. Is she now "God" and can change what He put into the Bible as her own works and commands? How does she justify the part about "Thou shall not kill" against her ideas of Christian values? This makes no sense to me at all.

    1. She may call herself a Christian, however, I don't think she even believes in God as she wants us all to give up our religious convictions and allow the government to be god.