Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We Must Keep Congress Pro-Life, Here are Pro-Life Senate Candidates Who Need Your Help

By Joe Landrum
Life News

As National Right to Life has explained in elaborate detail, the next president will nominate a successor for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and probably have the opportunity to nominate successors to at least two more justices. The United States Senate will confirm or block these nominees. Pro-lifers across the nation must remain focused on maintaining enough votes to confirm pro-life justices.
The next Senate will also decide whether to advance pro-life legislation, such as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act.
So, yes, elections matter. Your vote matters.

Remember, even if you don’t live in one of the key states we will be looking at, you may have family or friends (or friends of friends – that’s how social media works!) in these states. So please direct your contacts to www.nrlpac.org early and often for voting information.

Given the level of misinformation, some things bear repeating to anyone you discuss elections, voting, or the pro-life cause with.

Many people who share your views on abortion may not have taken the time to learn where the candidates stand on our issues, and have only briefly heard about what pro-abortion organizations are undertaking to elect their preferred candidates. Planned Parenthood is the national largest abortion provider. Its political arms and EMILY’s List, the extreme pro-abortion PAC that only works for Democrat women who support abortion for any reason, are spending many tens of millions of dollars.

If you’re sharing pro-life information on FaceBook or Twitter and mention “Planned Parenthood” clarify that they are “the nation’s largest abortion provider.” And whenever you mention the name EMILY’s List, you should follow it with “the extreme pro-abortion PAC.”


This year, there are 34 U.S. Senate seats up for election: 10 Democrat seats and 24 Republican. All of the Democrats up for re-election are pro-abortion. According to Cook Political Report, only one Democrat seat is currently rated a “toss-up.”

Sadly, 6 Republican seats are listed as “toss-ups,” while two more are leaning toward the Democrats! Democrats need a net gain of five seats to regain control of the Senate, or four if they win the White House. If they hold their one toss-up seat, win the two Republican seats currently rated “lean Democrat” and pick up two or three Republican toss-ups, pro-lifers will be hard-pressed to block pro-abortion policies, much less advance any pro-life legislation.
List of Republican senate seats described as 'toss up' 

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