Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Millennial’s Perspective on Abortion and Roe v. Wade: “One-Third of My Generation is Gone”

I Survived Roe vs. Wade

By Maria Gallagher
Life News

Jessica Resuta is a young woman with a clear talent for holding and engaging the interest of an audience with her captivating speaking style. She is a promising member of the Class of ’17—students who have never known a time when abortion was not legal.

And yet, Jessica opposes the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. Why?

“One-third of my generation is gone,” she says wistfully. “One-third of my peers will never experience life in the outside world as I have.”
Emily Derois is a gifted young writer who has grown up in the post-Roe era. Poised and articulate, she describes herself as having a “passion for defending the helpless and the voiceless.”
That is why Derois is speaking out on behalf of the estimated 59 million unborn Americans who have lost their lives to legal abortion in the past 44 years.

Jessica and Emily are just two members of the chorus of voices who are calling for an end to Roe. These young women see Roe. as a fundamentally-flawed ruling which has decimated their generation—and left countless women grieving the deaths of their unborn children.

A survey cited by the Washington Times in June indicated a clear majority of Millennials believe in offering greater protection from abortion for pre-born children and their mothers. The poll found an astounding 53 percent of young Americans state that abortion should not be legal in all or most circumstances.

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