Thursday, January 26, 2017

Never Give Up

Most of us are familiar with the 1997 blockbuster hit Titanic.  The story fictionalizes a supposed love affair between two of the ship’s passengers as the mighty RMS Titanic plows through the ice-laden Atlantic Ocean on its maiden transatlantic voyage to New York.  Of course, we all know the fateful end for that majestic vessel on April 15, 1912.  Over 1,500 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and crew were washed away or frozen to death as the unsinkable ship proved everyone wrong and met her untimely demise on the floor of the Atlantic.

No one can take a tragedy and make it into a moneymaker like Hollywood.  A few big name stars, lavish costumes and a music theme that follows you everywhere you go guarantees a box office success.  So, though our characters Jack and Rose were not necessarily real people taking this amorous trek to America, it’s a nice packaged love story that makes the historic drama more palatable for moviegoers.

And as hokey as it might seem now that we can look at it through the 20-year prism since its release, there was actually a powerful message in that movie that all of us could take to heart.  It is one of never giving up and holding on tight to a goal, a purpose.  The Pro Life movement has been holding on and plowing forward for decade upon decade because they know exactly what they are fighting for and know it is worth the effort.  Every child who is saved spurs the fight on for the next child, and then the next child.  For every child that is lost though a greater determined effort is put forth.  That is not the time to give up, let go or surrender.  If anything, it is the time to hold tighter, to clasp our beliefs to our heart and vow to never give up.

The tide finally seems to be with us with a new administration and hope of a more balanced Supreme Court.  However, our voices still need to be heard over the cacophony of special interest groups which seem to be splintering off at alarming rates.   We must hold onto our message and promise to see it through and not be sidetracked by political stigmas and name calling.    As Jack demanded of Rose as he slowly drifted out of consciousness into the icy arms of the sea, “You must promise me that you’ll survive…..that you won’t give up…promise me now...and never let go of that promise.”  And Rose’s simple response, “I promise…I’ll never let go”, is also our response to our unborn children as we wade through the vitriol of our opponents.

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