Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pro-Life Counselor Meets Twins She Helped Save From Abortion

By Christina Marie Bennett
Live Action News

As a Client Services Manager at the ABC Women’s Center, I often take calls from women making pregnancy decisions. Some will call because they are in need of a free pregnancy test or an ultrasound with our sonographer to diagnose their pregnancy. We receive calls from women wanting to place their babies for adoption and others needing material resources and parenting classes. We strive to treat every client with dignity, respect, honor and compassion.

Sara* called our pregnancy resource center on a Thursday. She told us she was pregnant, undecided about continuing her pregnancy, and wanted to talk about her options. We scheduled an appointment for the following Monday. When Sara came into our Pregnancy Center for her appointment, I realized something had changed from the last time we talked.
On our previous phone call, she expressed being torn between choosing to abort or parent. However, when we sat down to talk, she said right away that she wanted to parent. I asked her how she came to that decision and what, if any, factors played a part in her choice. 

Sara told me that she had an ultrasound at her doctor’s office which revealed she was pregnant with twins. She had children at home and she felt she couldn’t have another baby, let alone twins. Her boyfriend had recently broken up with her and she was lacking significant family support.

Unbeknownst to me, she scheduled an abortion appointment on the weekend before she was scheduled to come to our pregnancy center. She had planned to go through with the abortion and we would have likely never seen her after that.

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