Saturday, January 28, 2017

Eric Metaxas Blasts Media at March for Life:

‘You want to see the women of America? Here they are.’

by Lianne Laurence

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 27, 2017 - Eric Metaxas blasted the mainstream media at today’s March for Life for its bias against the pro-life movement, punctuating his brief address with the question: “ABC News, are you covering this?”

“Jesus is Lord. ABC News are you covering that? ABC News, are you covering this? You want to see the women of America? Here they are,” declared the New York Times bestselling author, radio host and well-known Christian commentator, in a speech replete with wide-ranging references to history and current events.

“The media in America has not told the other side of the story, that women have been the victims of abortion and that abortion hurts women,” Metaxas told the hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the Washington Mall for the 44th annual March for Life.

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