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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Planned Parenthood Workers Admit: 'Our Name is ‘Deceptive’

“Planned Parenthood offers abortions, so they don’t offer prenatal care.” Tempe, AZ, Planned Parenthood

By Becky Yeh
Live Action News

In an effort to keep taxpayer dollars flowing, Planned Parenthood has long touted that essential health services, such as prenatal care, are an integral part of its business. However, a new investigation completely debunks the abortion giant’s false narrative.

In a video released by Live Action, Planned Parenthood workers admit on tape that the abortion giant’s name is “deceptive” against claims that it provides services to pregnant women who want to keep their babies. The abortion giant’s own workers state that prenatal care is virtually non-existent at its facilities.

In the video, investigators posing as pregnant women intent on keeping their babies contacted all 41 Planned Parenthood affiliates — 99 in total — across the United States requesting prenatal care. 

In the tapes, staffers state that they do not provide services for pregnant women who want to continue their pregnancies, but “specialize” in abortions. They also admit that Planned Parenthood’s name presents a false view of the services it does offer women.

Planned Parenthood: No, we don’t do prenatal services. I mean, it’s called Planned Parenthood, I know, it’s kind of deceiving.

Woman: Do you have any OB/GYNs here?

Planned Parenthood: We do not. No.

Woman: Oh, you don’t?

Planned Parenthood: Which is a deceptive name, right? [laughs] I think the same thing.

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