Thursday, January 19, 2017

Baby Saved from Abortion After Mother Sees Him on Ultrasound

By Sarah Terzo
Live Action News

Danielle Kleber of Pennsylvania found herself pregnant after being raped by someone she knew. She was victimized while under the influence of pain medicine, which was prescribed for a severe illness.

Kleber had always believed that abortion was permissible in cases of rape, but she struggled to decide what to do about her pregnancy:
I had just fallen into the category of women I said that was okay to have an abortion. I was raped and carrying his child. I had made no choice in the matter, yet I was stuck.
I wrestled back and forth with abortion or continuing the pregnancy. I had a second test done at a women’s center to confirm the home one. I went on auto pilot mode I guess.
Still uncertain what her final choice would be, Kleber scheduled an appointment with an obstetrician. What happened at the appointment changed her life:
They had me schedule an ultrasound because they were unsure of gestational age. Once I saw the screen and I saw he had already formed into a baby. My mind was made up… I realized all that I couldn’t abort this child inside of me.
'Life wouldn’t be the same without my precious little man Eli'

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