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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Planned Parenthood Was Caught on Video Covering Up Sex-Trafficking, Its Response is Horrifying

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

A new Live Action investigation reveals that Planned Parenthood did not fulfill its promises to change after its employees were caught willing to help sex traffickers cover up abuses of young girls.

The pro-life group recently decided to follow up to see if the abortion chain retrained staff about sex trafficking and abuse, and if it had reported the suspected sex traffickers to authorities, as it said it would.

The abortion group made these promises to media outlets and others in 2011 after a Live Action investigation uncovered wide-spread willingness among Planned Parenthood employees to help sex traffickers abuse young teens.

But it did not keep them, according to Live Action’s latest findings.

“It appears that many media outlets simply took Planned Parenthood’s word that it reported the suspected child sex traffickers to the proper local authorities,” Live Action President and Founder Lila Rose said. “If Planned Parenthood can provide proof that it actually tried to protect children it thought were being forced into prostitution by reporting the suspected crimes to local law enforcement, we’d love to see the evidence.”
Rather than train staff to identify and help sexual abuse victims, former Planned Parenthood manager Ramona Trevino said her employer taught them how to identify undercover journalists.

Trevino, who managed a Planned Parenthood in Texas when Live Action released its undercover investigation, said she initially believed the abortion group could and would fix the problem. But when she attended a manager training meeting, her views quickly changed.
“When were called into this meeting, I went in really believing that … they really do care about women and this is something that really concerns them,” Trevino told Live Action. “They begin to play all of the previous undercover investigations that had been put out about Planned Parenthood, and I became very perplexed.
“As time went on, I raised my hand and said, ‘I’m confused. When are we going to actually begin the retraining? What can I do as a manager to take this information back to my staff and enforce policies and procedures that would help protect women?’ [The Planned Parenthood speaker] immediately shot me down. She said, ‘We’re not here to talk about that.’”
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