Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Research Reveals the Horrible Mental Effects Abortion Have on Women

 by Arinze Ani
Catholic Say 

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that women who get abortions show no signs of increased mental health problems after having an abortion – and that in fact, it’s women who are denied an abortion that suffer more greatly.

But pro-life organizations and other researchers have responded that the study doesn’t show the whole picture, and that these findings don’t mean that women don’t regret their abortions. They also counter that similar studies involving an exorbitantly higher number of women have shown the opposite results, and that everything needs to be taken into account.

“I confess I’m not that surprised at what it uncovered, and it’s important for abortion opponents to neither instantly vilify the study nor to fear what it can tell us,” Mark Regnerus, associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin told CNA.

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NOTE:  If you are experiencing pain or loss because of an abortion, please know there are many organizations where you can find help.  Please use this link to the website for Hope After Abortion to find help. 

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