Sunday, March 22, 2015

5th Annual March for Life in Reading, PA on April 26, 2015

from Helen MacMinn
March for Life Committee

This March for Life has continued to gain increased participation over the last four years and its success is due to faithful Catholics who recognize that abortion is not only about the number of innocent human lives destroyed but also the direct consequences upon our culture, our families, and our Christianity.

As Catholics committed to the Sanctity of Life the goal of the March for Life is to bring awareness to the LIFE issues in our community. We want to awaken and challenge the public to the fact that abortion destroys both the baby and the future within our families and marriages. We demonstrate by our public witness that we are a people willing to LOVE, SUPPORT, and CARE for those who have been affected by abortion. As Catholics we need to help, not judge, those in the most trying of circumstances.

To quote St. John Paul II..."It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the Right to Life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop."

We face a common enemy is the Culture of Death. The Sanctity of Human Life has been replaced with a disposable mindset. We are called at this crucial hour to be the voice of the voiceless, our brothers and sisters in the womb have no other voices but ours to defend them.

This will be a peaceful, prayerful, witness to our community that ALL LIFE IS SACRED. We pray that this March will spark a fire in the hearts of all those who observe our public demonstration and that this spark will result in a fire of LOVE for our unborn brothers and sisters in the womb.

Over the last four years combined, thousands of local faithful in the Reading vicinity have joined in this March to promote LIFE. However, this year we are making a concerted effort to encourage the faithful from across Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Allentown to participate.

Abortion will end in our lifetime only when it is recognized for what it is; it is the ultimate destruction and death of a precious soul - a baby, it is the denial of our humanity and our direct connection to eternity through God, it is the destruction of the family and the trust and faith between man and woman, it is a fracture of society and governance, it truly is the beginning of the end unless WE PRAY TOGETHER for a true spiritual awakening in our families, cities and nation. We must strive to encourage each other to provide love, support and care - to become those faithful actions for the cause of Christ's precious unborn, and ultimately for the sake of all the world.

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