Monday, March 16, 2015

Warning! Reading this Pro-life Manifesto is not for the Faint of Heart!

by Father Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life

I have been looking forward for a long time to tell you about my new book, Abolishing Abortion, which is coming out this August, published by Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins publishers.

And I want to invite you to preorder it now, because by doing so you will help to give us and the publisher the advanced momentum we need to make this book a bestseller!

Order now from Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Let me tell you something about the book and why I'm so excited about it.

This is not just a book about abortion. It is a pro-life manifesto! I have tried to express in this book the heart and core of the passion I have to end child killing, and to pass that passion along to others.

This book goes to the core of what we have to do to end abortion. It calls upon both the church and the state to rise up to their responsibilities towards protecting children in the womb.

It openly and honestly discusses the failures of both the state and the church in this regard, and then offers practical solutions, strategies, and steps forward in which we can all take part!

If you're among those who have been frustrated over the years about how little our churches do about elections and politics, and are tired of hearing the whining about losing our tax-exempt status, this book is definitely for you! In some hard-hitting chapters I dismantle the false assumptions behind those fears. The next time someone tells you that the church cannot distribute a voter's guide, you're going to have some new ammunition for what to say.

Both Amazon or Barnes & Noble are already taking pre-orders for this book. Please go there now and order some copies for yourself and for others, and throw in a copy for your pastor as well.

Please help us spread the word about this opportunity. To make it easy for you and others to publicize, we've created the domain for people to order from Amazon, and to order it from Barnes & Noble.

The more pre-orders these companies get, the more they will buy, and the more momentum the publisher will have to make them available on a wider basis. Let's make this effort a big success, like the children deserve!

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