Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Big Victory with TARGET Demonstration in Georgetown, Texas!!

From John Pisciotta,
Director of Pro-Life Waco

How many demonstrators does it take to make TARGET buckle in Georgetown and beyond? I’m not sure. But apparently SEVEN was adequate this morning. Four came down I-35 from Waco and met up with three foot soldiers from Round Rock.

Before I describe the demonstration, here’s the outcome: TARGET in Georgetown almost immediately dismantled and removed their 50 Shades of Grey sex product display. We talked to a Georgetown TARGET manager who stated that additionally, a TARGET district manager ordered all store to remove the displays. It was not clear whether the retrenchment went farther than the TARGET district including Georgetown. I’m sure the rumble in Georgetown had the attention of management at TARGET headquarters in Minneapolis.

The morning was cold and rainy. Spirits among our band of brothers and sisters was very high. The Waco Four arrive first just before 10 a.m. and held the 4’ x 4’ signs at the main street entrance to the shopping center that includes TARGET. We also placed the smaller signs with metal stakes out in the streetside public right of way. The Round Rock Three arrived at 10:15 ready to take action. The seven of us holding signs turned a lot of heads, received a lot of thumbs up, and honking horns. No negative reactions except from the TARGET store manager.

Kyle, a news reporter from FoxNews 7 television in Austin arrived at the scene almost as soon as we could set up. He shot video of the signs and interviewed us. If you live in Austin, please watch this afternoon and evening to see how the story goes. A positive story for us will be a nightmare for TARGET nationwide.

We remained with the heavy traffic of the street entrance until 11 a.m. Then three of us walked over to hold signs and visit with customers directly in front of the TARGET store. In just a few minutes, a TARGET manager came out and said we would have to leave because we were on TARGET property. He said the 50 Shades of Grey display had been removed and that other stores “in the district” had been ordered to do likewise. We challenged the point about our right to demonstrate. In just about 10 minutes, two police cars arrived. Since we had such a successful 75-minutes demonstration, we decided not to contest the property issue and returned to the main entrance to demonstrate. (Our John Ecker had run into TARGET to verify that the display had been removed.)

Over our demonstration time, four women stopped their cars to come out to tell us how much they appreciated our taking a stand against what TARGET is doing in a family-oriented store.

This morning’s demonstration is dedicated to all the great moms and dads trying to raise their children along wholesome paths in a culture that is hostile to their values. Hopefully TARGET and other stores will think twice before entering into such a pernicious marketing stunt.

Thanks to the six foot soldiers who joined me in the demonstration: Carroll Warschak , John Ecker, Ellen Staniszewski, Elizabeth Jimenez, Carol Ruppert, and the always-ready-to-rumble Lynn Williams. Lauren Mendel tried to make the demonstration, but was caught in a traffic jam.

ACTION REQUEST: Tomorrow check the TARGET store near you and see if they have the 50 Shades of Grey sex display in the pharmacy area. If they do, get some friend and draw up some signs and demonstration at a Target street entrance for an hour or two. We are so close to total capitulation from TARGET nationwide. We need hometown pro-life action to achieve total and unconditional surrender.

Please share this post to help complete the victory.

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