Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Study Finds Maternal Health Statistics Best Where Abortion is Restricted


Catholic World News - March 02, 2015 - A study in the British Medical Journal has found that maternal health statistics are best in jurisdictions with stricter laws regulating abortion.

Contradicting an argument that has been made popular by advocates of legal abortion, the 10-year study found that in 32 Mexican states, maternal deaths were 23% lower in the states with tougher restrictions on abortion.

The study, conducted by the MELISA Institute, also found that deaths from complications after abortions were 47% lower in the states with restrictive laws. That result also contradicts the claim that where legal abortion is not readily accessible, women will be harmed by unsafe illegal abortions.

The study in Mexico tracked the statistics on maternal health in a country where laws on abortion differ substantially from state to state. The results of the study match earlier surveys conducted in Chile and the United States.

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