Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Life Redeemed: Even After Four Abortions, Woman Finds Healing and Hope

by Susan Michelle
Live Action 

Starr Rogers’ story is a reminder that redemption and healing are possible, even when devastation comes from a person’s own choices. After a series of affairs and abortions, Rogers planned her suicide, but at the last minute, found a path to healing that she says is possible for anyone.

Rogers’ story began when she was married at 16, but she soon found herself pregnant with the child of a married man with whom she was having an affair. She passed off that child, a daughter, as her husband’s. But the affair continued, and over the course of the decade, it lasted. She became pregnant four more times—and each time, she aborted her baby. Her first marriage ended, and she married the man with whom she had the affair.

And she got pregnant again. As with her previous four pregnancies, she says:

“[H]e pitched a fit and demanded of me that I get rid of this pregnancy, too. So, I traveled to Atlanta. I was in my third trimester and Alabama wouldn’t allow an abortion that far along.”

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