Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ten Good Men

Providing leadership training to Believers in America working to see the culture restored... one city at a time!

About Ten Good Men 

Our Mission:

The Mission of Ten Good Men is to save lives, end abortion, and intentionally promote a groundswell movement of positive cultural change in America.

We seek to pursue that mission by...
  • Calling Christians everywhere to recognize the human holocaust in our midst that abortion is and renew their commitment to active engagement on this front
  • Providing Biblically-based leadership training to Believers in America seeking cultural change in all spheres of American culture
  • Fostering the development of a tangible "culture-changing" movement by forming TGM chapters in 300 cities in America over the next ten years
We aspire to provide inspiration, strategy development, and real hope for seeing America restored... one city at a time! (mission continues here)

Our Message:

America has reached a dangerous "tipping point." As a nation we are now literally teetering on the edge of becoming more committed to humanism and socialism than the biblical values on which our nation was founded… values that made us strong, free, and prosperous for over 200 years.

Scores of Christian leaders in America now agree that if our course is not changed dramatically and changed soon, we will see more than fifty percent of our populace more committed to these destructive Liberal ideas than those who are committed to biblical values. At that juncture – and it will be upon us very quickly – winning elections will no longer be an option… we simply will not have enough votes!

One would have to seriously have their head in the sand not to see the obvious collapse of a nation unfolding around us by the day. (message continues here) 

Our Strategy:

Ten Good Men aspires to play a role in seeing America restored to the Christian values we were founded on. We will employ the following seven areas of strategy in the pursuit of this mission:

Promote Strategic Prayer – The foundation of our efforts is the establishment of STRATEGIC PRAYER TEAMS (SPTs) across America, one or more in every major city. These teams, led by not less than ten godly men, would seek to understand and employ the heavenly strategies of II Chron. 7:14 as a foundation for culture-changing action springing up in that region. These teams will also advocate for the ministry of TGM by connecting us to the churches and key Christian leaders in that region.  (strategy continues here)

Please visit the rest of our website   and let us know what you think about THE MISSION, THE MESSAGE, and THE STRATEGY of... Ten Good Men. We'd love to hear from you soon!

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