Friday, March 13, 2015


By Reverend Katherine Marple

To coerce is to: bully, intimidate, terrorize, pressure, suppress, harass, tactical, torment, hinder, impel, restrict, push, oblige, urge, compel, frighten, persecute, counsel, influence with false ideology. Just to name a few.

Very recently, the subject of coercion in the abortion wars has been vastly misunderstood and misrepresented. After reading much opinion of what coercion might be by post-abortive women, the general consensus is that most people believe that coercion is like masked gunman with ninja skills swooping in to do dastardly deeds to their target. While that can be true, coercion is much more suave and charming than that.

I don’t know of ONE abortion that was not coerced by someone else or something else. That statement has gotten me in the opposition’s supposed tank of hot water. Proaborts insist on a “woman’s right to choose” but don’t talk about the options and who actually affected their choice.

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