Friday, March 27, 2015

Monthly Overpass Demonstration: A New Outreach for Pro-Life

From John Pisciotta
Director of Pro-Life Waco

The inaugural overpass demonstration in Waco happened last Tuesday. We are calling the event “Defend the Innocent Pre-born Babies” Overpass Demonstration.

The weather was windy, but beautiful. We are learning how to thrive up on the overpass. Seven pro-lifers who have demonstrated in the past came out. It was also encouraging that seven students from Baylor University also participated. They were happy to receive and wear PLW’s “LIFEGUARD” t-shirts. Since, the overpass is adjacent to Baylor, as the months unfold we hope for increasing Baylor involvement.

Over the coming months we will have to develop new signage. Vehicles pouring through Interstate 35 have no more then two or three seconds to read messages. Signs need to be large, bold, and have strong contrast between lettering and background.


We counted vehicles in one-minute segments and came up with about 120 per minute. Since we were out there 120 minutes, this would come to over 14,000 vehicles, many with multiple passengers. The overpass offers a tremendous opportunity to plant pro-life seeds in the minds and hearts of those traveling within Waco and also through Waco from Texas and far beyond.

Pro-Life Waco is new at this. I welcome suggestions from experienced overpass demonstrators. Thanks to Chris Iverson and others from Chicago. Chris posted on their overpass demonstrations to this Facebook group. Thant nudged pro-life to take advantage of the incredible overpass resource we have in Waco.

Finally, I would like to know about other enclosed pedestrian overpasses on Interstate or other well-traveled highways in Texas. I have not seen any such overpass on I-35 between Waco and San Antonio.

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