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Friday, August 19, 2016

Abortion Activist Rants Against Fetal Surgery and Treating Unborn Baby as a Second Patient

By Dave Andrusko
Life News

Sometimes it may help not to do the obvious, in this case check out the date showing when something was published. That’s what I did, for good or for ill, when I ran across (and then read) a book review of “The Making of the Unborn Patient: a Societal Anatomy of Fetal Surgery.” The author of the book is Monica J. Sawyer, the reviewer Richard West.

So why is a (gulp) 16-year-old-review of any use to us? For starters, while this predated a ton of new horizons in fetal medicine, the issues that so unsettle the likes of Ms. Sawyer are now even “worse” (from their perspective).

West writes, “This book describes the development of interventions and surgical treatments for the fetus in the mother’s womb. Such treatments, whether medical or surgical, performed to benefit the health of the fetus inevitably affect the mother.”

This title of this book (we’re told) “is the phrase used here to describe the introduction of treatments primary directed at the fetus.”

Sawyer’s book, if we may read between the lines of West’s gentle review, is a feminist diatribe against everything that reinforces the truism that the unborn child is a real, live patient.

A “key goal” of the book (in Monica Casper’s words) is “to reframe fetal surgery as a woman’s health issue and to re-situate fetal personhood within the specific relationship in and by which it is produced.” (Emphasis added.)
In a masterful understatement, West observes, “This perspective results in questioning much of the practice of fetal surgery, but whether this perspective is shared by expectant mothers is debatable.”

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