Saturday, August 20, 2016

Operation Rescue's Archive of Reports on Abortion-Related Maternal Deaths

from Troy Newman
Operation Rescue

Wichita, KS -- Operation Rescue has released a permanent archive of reports related to documented cases of abortion-related maternal deaths. In many cases, Operation Rescue was the primary source that uncovered the abortion patient death, researched and reported on it, and filed complaints against those abortionists and facilities responsible.

This is not an exhaustive listing of abortion patient deaths by any means, but simply an archive of the many reports produced by Operation Rescue on efforts to uncover these tragedies and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The actual number of maternal deaths from abortion are unknown, due to inadequate reporting and the fact that the Abortion Cartel goes to great lengths to cover them up so they can pretend to the public that their grisly business is "safe and legal." We know better.

The Abortion Cartel wants us to forget these women ever existed, or that their deaths are acceptable losses. We reject both those notions. May we never forget the toll in human tragedy abortion inflicts on women, their babies, and society in general, and may that memory urge us on in our work to protect human lives until abortion has ended for good.

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