Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bachelor Alum Michelle Money reveals she placed child for adoption at 15

By Christina Marie Bennett
Live Action News

Working at a non-profit pregnancy center I often hear clients say, “I could never give my child up through adoption.” I’ve asked the women why they feel that way and I’ve found their views are often shaped by negative assumptions about adoption. I encourage them to learn more about adoption and consider it’s many benefits. 

 Adoption is a beautiful option but sadly I’ve had multiple women tell me they think it’s worse than having an abortion. Many women need to see adoption in a new light. That is why I was encouraged to discover Michelle Money’s adoption story trending on Facebook.

Michelle Money, Bachelor TV show alum opened up to US Weekly about placing her child for adoption at the young age of 15. In a video released for the skincare company PMB, Money shares that the decision to place her child for adoption was “not an easy one but it was the right one. ”

In the video, you can see footage of Money at 15 holding her baby boy in her arms. Michelle shared that her then boyfriend and son’s father was very loving and supportive. They picked the adoptive parents together and were able to receive letters and pictures for the first few years of his life. The young man is now 19 and Money desires to reconnect with him. 
She told US Weekly, “I have my daughter who is the love of my life and am hopeful that at some point I will have my son in my life as well!” She went on to say, “I know I will never take the place of his adoptive parents, but I would absolutely love to have some place in his life if he will have me!”
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