Thursday, August 18, 2016

One More Reason Why IVF for Older Women is Not a Good Idea - Not at all

by Michael Cook

Stories about older women having IVF babies come and go on the front pages of the tabloids. Several 70-year-olds have given birth in India, news which is always greeted with a chorus of astonishment and dismay. How will the woman and her husband be able to care for the child, critics ask. An Australian woman who gave birth at 63 last week was called "selfish" by the head of the Australian Medical Association.

It's even harder for single mothers. A Spanish woman, Carmela Bousada, held the world record in 2009 for giving birth to twins a week short of her 67th birthday. She told sceptics: “"My mum lived to be 101 and there's no reason I couldn't do the same." Unhappily she died three years later of stomach cancer, leaving her sons orphans at 2½ years old.

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Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet and also of BioEdge, where this article first appeared.

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