Friday, August 12, 2016

Get the U.S. Out of the United Nations Population Fund

by Jonathan Abbamonte
Population Research Institute

The U.S. Government wastes billions on programs and initiatives that American taxpayers don’t want and certainly don’t need. But no example of government waste is more disgraceful than the tens of millions of dollars handed over each year to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)—an organization that for decades has been working hand-in-glove with China’s brutal and repressive population control policy.

With the exception of the Obama Administration, every other administration since the Reagan administration has at some point barred the UNFPA from receiving federal funding on account of the U.N. agency’s involvement with China’s planned birth policies. UNFPA, to this day, continues to operate in China in collaboration with the state-run family planning program. UNFPA has nevercondemned or even apologized for its activities in China.

UNFPA’s involvement with China’s brutal policy goes back to the beginning. 

The Population Research Institute is a (501c3) non-profit research organization whose core values hold that people are the world’s greatest resource. PRI’s goals are to educate on this premise, to expose the myth of overpopulation, and to expose human rights abuses committed in population control programs. Our growing, global network of pro-life groups spans over 30 countries.  For more information, please use this link.  

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