Monday, August 15, 2016

Did WHO Cover Up Evidence of Contraceptive-HIV Link?

By Rebecca Oas, Ph.D and Lisa Correnti
Center for Family & Human Rights (C-Fam)

WASHINGTON DC, August 12 (C-Fam) A new study suggests the World Health Organization, Gates Foundation, USAID and other wealthy donors knowingly downplayed increased risk of HIV from contraception they distribute to women in developing countries. Mounting evidence has forced the global health establishment to reluctantly admit its concern.

Feminist and conservative groups alike have warned of the link between HIV and the injectable contraceptive Depo Provera (DMPA). But the World Health Organization (WHO) and the sexual and reproductive health establishment repeatedly rebuffed concern, especially in the lead up to their 2012 push for donors at their massive family planning conference in London.

“Ignoring the body of evidence put before them prior to the scale-up was hurtful to Africans, and grossly negligent,” said Kwame Fosu, a human rights defender among the first to report on the dangerous side effects. Fosu said he sent numerous correspondences to all responsible parties on the documented side effects that include irreversible bone density loss, and double-risk of breast cancer.

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