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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Challenge "Pro-Choice People" With: What is an Abortion?

Cherish Life Ministries

What is an abortion?

From debating and discussing this topic for almost 40 years, I can tell you, people either care about what the word “abortion” means, or they don’t. After you say the word, you will know almost immediately how the person feels. On either side, people will be passionate about their view, for and against, but there are also a lot of indifferent people out there.

Let me cut to the chase right from the beginning, the abortion argument can always be ended with another, simple question. Are we talking about a human life? From here on, you will find plenty of supporting material that you can use in a discussion, but this question sums it up. If the answer is yes, then the main disagreement is whether or not the person has a right to live.

There is middle ground in all things, but with abortion, there is none. You are either alive or you are dead. If anyone ever tells you “Let’s agree to disagree,” tell them “Absolutely not. We’re not talking about food or a movie, this is human life. I won’t agree to disagree.”

Many times, the person you are discussing abortion with will just want to agree we are talking about a human life, but they still believe abortion is a solution. Then, you can just say, “To be clear, we agree abortion kills a human being in the womb. I believe the person should have a right to live, you believe the mother should have the right to kill her child.”

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  1. Good way to clarify the issue. I also am trying to mention the dad/sperm donor in this context. Males who sleep around (but who are super pro life) need to know...it's quite possible some children of theirs were destroyed...The more we can spread the word about what abortion is...and can ALSO make uncommitted (or litely committed) males ALSO feel the moral pressure...the more we might reduce some of the unplanned pregnancies...by getting at least some males to think about another advantage to commitment/marriage even...vs. the societally destructive practice of sleeping around. Surely GOD holds males as guilty ...of not being there for the child.