Thursday, August 11, 2016

Less Than a Third of Churchgoers Say Their Pastors Preached on Abortion, But Virtually All Were Against

By Dave Andrusko
National Right to Life

A new Pew Research Center survey is a classic bad news/good news for pro-lifers.

Only 29% of a national survey told Pew they had heard a message from the pulpit about abortion.

But those who preached about abortion were seven times more likely to preach against (22%) than in favor of (3%). The remaining messages were mixed.

Beyond that favorable overall percentage, there are many, many nuances to the survey conducted June 5 through July 7 from the 40% of Americans who reported attending religious services at least once or twice in the few months before the poll was done. For example

(1) Overall, 64% said they had heard their pastor speak out about at least one of six social or political issue.
(2) “White evangelicals and Catholics are more likely than white mainline and black Protestants to have recently heard clergy speak out against abortion. For both groups, the message is consistently conservative,” Pew reported.
(3) More specifically 36% of White evangelicals told Pew they had heard their clergy speak about abortion. Only 1% preached in favor. Likewise 36% of Catholics had heard their clergy speak about abortion. Only 2% spoke in favor of abortion.
(4) White Mainline Protestants and Black Protestants—although still hearing virtually no messages in favor of abortion—reported hearing the fewest messages about abortion—21% and 16%, respectively.  

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