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Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Mexico Rep. Steve Pearce Asks, "Is This Going to Become a Political Coverup?"

By Tara Shaver,
Protest ABQ

Albuquerque, NM- In an exclusive interview with The Hub of New Mexico, Congressman Steve Pearce takes on the baby body parts scandal happening in New Mexico head on. Without mincing words, the congressman talks about the lack of transparency within the University of New Mexico (UNM) and the silence of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and other leaders.

Congressman Pearce correctly stated that, "New Mexico has evolved into the largest, the most abortion friendly state in the country right under our eyes and I for one do not think it's appropriate."

According to Pearce, in 2015, members of the Select Panel on Infant Lives brought to his attention that "UNM is the only institution in the country that appears to be buying these harvested body parts from babies." Pearce claims to have reached out to officials at UNM, including the new president of the Board of Regents Robert Doughty who mentioned willingness to meet with panel member in D.C. but never pursued such a meeting. Pearce also claims that Governor Martinez never reciprocated the panels efforts to work together which in turn led to the panel filing a criminal referral with New Mexico Attorney General, Hector Balderas.

Continue reading this article and listen to Congressman Steve Pearce's statement here. 

Protest ABQ is a peaceful awareness campaign launched to educate and stand against the injustice of abortion, through a strategic and sustained presence. We strive to reach deeper into our community and educate Albuquerque and New Mexico residents on what abortion really is, what it looks like, and expose the businesses and individuals that are keeping abortion in our community. If we accomplish nothing else, we must succeed in protesting the evil of our generation: Legalized Child Killing.  For more information, please use this link.     Follow them on Facebook using this link. 

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