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Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Pro-Life Film “Voiceless” Opens Next Month, Here’s More From the Director and Star of the Movie

By Josh Shepherd
Life News

Releasing nationwide on October 7, the independent film Voiceless hopes to shift the national conversation around unplanned pregnancies—by showing the impact one church can make through local outreach and united pro-life advocacy.

“My struggle has always been with the church, as much as it has been having confrontation with the world,” says Pat Necerato, a street-preacher-turned-filmmaker who wrote and directed Voiceless. “I wanted to create a film to challenge the church to get involved in the public square.”
With a nearly million-dollar budget and slated for release in hundreds of theaters,Voiceless aims higher than most faith-based films in terms of production quality.

But it’s the story and true-to-life script, born from Necerato’s own experiences, that make it uniquely suited to help move the pro-life cause out of cultural stalemate.

In the nation’s capital city, Voiceless will premiere October 2 at a most unlikely venue: projected on a large screen outside the U.S. Supreme Court.

Five Years in the Making

“You always write from personal experience,” says Necerato. “I was pretty much all of the characters in this movie at one point or another.”

Voiceless centers on Jesse Dean, an Army veteran who moves to Philadelphia with his wife to work at a local church. While his hands-on outreach gives him inroads into the community—teaching free boxing classes, for starters—it begins a series of increasingly tense conversations within the church.

“I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard Christians, even pastors, say: We need to be saving souls, not so much worried about confronting evil,” recalls Necerato, echoing a key scene in the movie.
 “Those words never really jived well with my theology that Christ is King, He can redeem any aspect of our world, and He has called Christians to be saved and be a part of it. That’s the big picture.”
The story of Voiceless continues 

Blogger's comments:

It's been a long held belief of mine that if the Church had been involved in the public square on abortion, the tide of public opinion would have turned decades ago. Roe v Wade would have been overturned.

Jesus called the Church to be Salt & Light.  Salt preserves and light scatters darkness.  This applies not only to abortion, but to all sin in our society.  How can the Church claim to care for souls, when 60 million souls were aborted before they took their first breath.

While the Church stays within the safety of their walled fortresses, we live in a sick, immoral society of sin and degradation. With few exceptions, it is the sheep and not the shepherds who are on the front lines of this spiritual war. The enemy of our soul, Satan, wants to "steal, killl and destroy", but Jesus said he came to give "life in all its fullness". 

Jesus said he would separate the sheep from the goats; His true followers from those in name only. Despite the lack of support from most clergy, the sheep will continue to follow the Good Shepherd and His leading in Satan's war against humanity until His return.

  "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me". John 10:27

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