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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Pennsylvania State House Member Today!

Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Pennsylvania State Representative Madeleine Dean is circulating a co-sponsorship memo for a resolution that would honor Planned Parenthood (See memo here)

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion operation in the nation, taking the lives of innocent preborn children each year. According to Planned Parenthood’s own report, the organization performed more than 327,000 abortions in fiscal year 2014. That is more than 327,000 precious unborn babies who died in Planned Parenthood facilities.

Planned Parenthood has also left countless numbers of women to grieve children lost to abortion.

For the sake of children and women in Pennsylvania, please call and email your state representative with this urgent message:

 “Please do not co-sponsor Representative Madeleine Dean’s resolution to honor Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood takes the lives of innocent preborn children and leaves women to grieve children lost to abortion.”
If you don’t know who your state representative is, or you need contact information,  use this link.

Texas Christian University Offers School Credit for Internship at Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

By Kristan Hawkins
Life News

A Lifeway Research study published late last year revealed close to 70% of women who have had abortions claimed to be of the Christian faith. Gallup polling showed the number to be just over half.

Where is the Christian community going so wrong that a substantial majority of their own are feeling they have to have an abortion? Are Christians not talking about other options besides abortion, are they shaming women who have gotten pregnant outside of wedlock, are they ignorant of resources for women facing unplanned pregnancies?

Where would Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry be if Christian women rose up and said, ‘no more, we deserve better than abortion’? The abortion industry would be in crisis mode if that happened.

But they aren’t because of schools like Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX, a school obviously upfront about their Christian identity.

TCU is offering an internship program at Planned Parenthood in return for school credit. Interestingly enough, it came through an email from the History department and involves “a project highlighting [Planned Parenthood’s] history in Fort Worth since it was established here in 1935.”

This may be cheating but let’s give the student a head start. Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (PPGT) was a part of the undercover project from the Center for Medical Progress, which exposed the abortion giant of haggling over the prices of body parts of babies they aborted.

Dr. Amna Dermish is an abortionist for Planned Parenthood in Austin, which is part of PPGT, and she was thrilled to be trained by Dr. Deb Nucatola, the abortionist featured in the first CMP video talking about where she would crush parts of the baby during an abortion to ensure an intact baby body part to sell.

When Dr. Dermish was asked about harvesting a fetal brain, she notes, “I haven’t been able to do that yet,” but exclaims with laughter, “This will give me something to strive for!” Watch the full footage here.

“It is a disgrace for a large Christian university to offer credit for an internship at the largest abortion provider in the nation,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “Instead of educating and equipping students on how to persuasively discuss the pro-life viewpoint and help women in crisis, they instead reward students for spending valuable time volunteering for an organization that ends the lives of over 325,000 innocent human beings a year. And just think of the parents who thought their child would be receiving a valuable Christian-focused education at a private school. They are paying over $53,500 a year to be swindled.”

ACTION: Contact TCU officials by going here.

website: lifenews.com

Blogger's note:

How far has TCU, other Christian Universities and public schools fallen into Planned Parenthood's pit of promoting abortion? They target our youth in schools and colleges to continue their deadly mission.  They recruit them through "sex education" and lies and focus on a woman's choice.  The truth is left behind about the killing of unborn babies and the tragic impact on their mothers.  

The Church and the Christian community, for the most part, have been silent on the indoctrination of this evil in our schools and universities.  This silence is robbing our youth of Biblical truths and Christian values while killing this unborn generation. 

Students for Life is making a difference in our nation's schools and colleges. They have 1,000 student groups that meet in high schools and universities. To find out more about their mission and how you can help visit: studentsforlife.org

Please Join Us for A Baby's Breath Warminster's Run for Life on Saturday, October 1st


Come Run, Walk or Wheel at Tyler State Park
Rt. 332 (Richboro-Newtown Road) at One Trail Lane
Richboro, PA 18954
(Earth Center for the Arts Entrance)

1-Mile Fun Run / Walk - 9:00 a.m.
5K Run - 9:30 a.m.
Awards Ceremony - 10:30 a.m.


T-shirts are guaranteed if you are pre-registered by September 1, 2016

Online Registration Cutoff Date September 24

  • $25 — Adults 
  • $15 — Children under 18 and Students 21 & under
  • $40 — Family (includes 2 t-shirts)
  • Extra t-shirts$5.00/each

Race Day Registration
  • 7:30 a.m. (t-shirts available while supply lasts) 
  • $30 — Adults
  • $15 — Children under 18 and Students 21 & under
  • $50 — Family (includes 2 t-shirts)
  • Extra t-shirts — $5.00/each

Prizes and Categories

A $50 cash award will be given to the top male and female finisher in the 5K race. Medals will be awarded to the top three males and females in each 5K age group.

Come and run or walk to support A Baby's Breath Crisis Pregnancy Center in Warminster. 

Register online or sign-up the day of the race!

For additional information please contact ABBWarminstercpc@gmail.com or by phone at 267-275-4097.

A Baby's Breath Crisis Pregnancy Center in Warminster offers free pregnancy counseling, pre-natal classes, parenting classes, material assistance, and GED tutoring. We are a 501 C3 organization and administrate our services through the help of volunteers.

A Baby's Breath’s primary mission is to "help a mother to see her child take his/her first breath”. It is a safe place where mothers, fathers, and families can talk freely without being judged and where they can hear the truth from a voice filled with compassion and hope. Through their pregnancy counseling sessions with our volunteers, mothers learn about the life developing inside of them and are given the opportunity to discuss and focus on their life goals.

Urgent Call to Action: Your Comments Are Needed on Chimera Research

Amy McInerny, Executive Director
Human Life Action

Your help is urgently needed and there is limited time to act. Won’t you please click here now to defend the dignity of human life? The National Institutes of Health, (NIH), has recently announced its intention to lift its moratorium on funding research that involves injecting human embryonic stem cells into animal embryos thus creating part-human and part-animal organisms known as chimeras. This means that, for the first time, the Federal government will begin spending taxpayer dollars on the creation and manipulation of new beings whose very existence blurs the line between humans and non-human animals.

Public comments in opposition to this unethical research are currently being accepted. However, the window to act is tight; comments close on September 6 at midnight. Comments may be submitted electronically or by mail. A suggested message and instructions on how to submit comments, as well as further information about the ethical issues involved in the research may be found in the Human Life Action Center here.

Please act now. Comments submitted by post should be mailed by September 1 to insure they arrive at NIH by Tuesday, September 6. All comments must be received by midnight (EDT) Tuesday, September 6.

Thank you for raising your voice in defense of human life and dignity. Together we will be heard!

Human Life Action (HLA)  is a project of National Committee for a Human Life Amendment, Inc., (NCHLA). 

Human Life Action believes in the inherent dignity of every life and the power of every American to raise his or her voice in defense of the vulnerable. When thousands upon thousands of people of good will raise their voices as one we are heard on Capitol Hill.

We can--and must--help shape a public policy that protects life and liberty. Together we will be heard!    F
or more information on HLA, please use this link.  

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Join Priests for Life for a Religious Liberty Webcast on Monday, September 12th

from Father Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life

After Priests for Life and other religious non-profit groups waged an almost five-year legal battle against the Obama Administration, the Supreme Court earlier this year told us and the government that we should sit down and work things out, as it was their opinion -- and ours in fact -- that a solution could be found that preserved our religious freedom. Those discussions have gotten underway. And then, to our surprise, the government opened up the process to public comment.

The webcast will explain to concerned citizens how they can lend their voices in support of Priests for Life, the Little Sisters, and various dioceses and Christian ministries who have stood firm against the government's attempt to make them complicit in the expansion of abortion.

So now, confident that Americans believe in religious freedom, we will engage the process of public comment and help interested people, Churches, and groups to do so.

The deadline for public comments is 11:59 pm on Tuesday, September 20.

The hour-long webcast will feature Fr. Pavone and attorney Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center. They will explain the importance of letting the Obama administration know that it cannot place the promotion of abortion and contraception above religious rights.

This is a crucial opportunity for people to stand for religious freedom and against the Obama administration’s oppressive, anti-life proposal. I strongly urge everyone who cares about the right to freely practice their faith to go online and join us for this important webcast.

Sign up here and the information you need to participate on September 12 at 9:00 PM will appear on the screen and will also be emailed to you.
Please invite others to join us as well!

Priests for Life has come to signify two distinct but related movements within the wider pro-life movement.

On one level, as described below, Priests for Life refers to a very specific effort to galvanize the clergy to preach, teach, and mobilize their people more effectively in the effort to end abortion and euthanasia.

On another level, Priests for Life represents a family of ministries that reach and enrich every aspect of the pro-life movement, for clergy and laity alike, in a wide variety of activities. This has come to pass precisely because priests are not ordained for themselves, but for the people.So in activating clergy, we are activating all the segments of the Church, the pro-life movement, and the wider society in the defense of life.

We refer to this wider family of ministries as Gospel of Life Ministries, to indicate that what unites them all is the Gospel of Life, the good news that life is victorious over death!

So whether you are clergy or laity, young or old, active or inactive, and whatever your religious or ethnic background, you're in the right place if you want to do something to restore protection to the most vulnerable members of the human family!

For more information on Priests for Life or to help them with their work, please use this link.  

Mike Pence: For the Sake of Unborn Children, Donald Trump Has to Pick Judges Not Hillary Clinton

By Steven Ertelt
Life News

During a rally in Virginia over the weekend, pro-life vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence said voters need to support Donald Trump because the issue of the Supreme Court is too important to allow Hillary Clinton to win.

“For the sake of the sanctity of life, we must ensure Donald Trump selects the next Supreme Court justice,” Pence said.

Pence appeared at the rally with pro-life leader Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List:

Please join me in welcoming the next Vice President of the United States, Governor @Mike_Pence - @MarjorieSBA

Recently, Trump released a well-received list of 11 potential Supreme Court nominees — a list pro-life groups hailed for having strong supporters of the Constitution. Trump also recently hired a key pro-life advocate has his domestic policy director.

If Trump is the nominee, he would present a stark contrast on abortion to pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump has specifically promised he would sign a bill as president to de-fund Planned Parenthood. In an interview with David Brody of CBN, Trump made that promise:

David Brody: “As a President Trump, if a bill came to your desk that would defund Planned Parenthood you would support that, you would sign that?”
Donald Trump: “Yes, because as long as they do the abortion I am not for funding Planned Parenthood… As long as they’re involved with abortion, as far as I’m concerned forget it, I wouldn’t fund them regardless. I would defund Planned Parenthood because of their view and the fact of their work on abortion…. I am for defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they are involved with abortion.”

As far as Trump’s comments on Planned Parenthood funding are concerned, Trump has fairly consistently said he opposes taxpayer funding but he’s also made some remarks about the “good things” Planned Parenthood does that have alarmed pro-life voters — as if any “good thing” could make up for the fact that planned Parenthood kills 330,000 unborn babies a year in abortions and then sells their body parts for profit.

Article continues

Doctors Told Her 17 Times to Pull the Plug on Her Husband After a Brain Injury, Today He’s Talking

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

Two years ago on a winter morning, Jay Hendry suffered massive brain injuries in a car crash while driving his son to school. But it was at the hospital where his wife had to fight the hardest to save his life.

In an interview with LifeNews, wife and mother Megan Hendry explained how she refused to give up on her husband despite doctors’ recommendations to pull the plug and end his life.

Today, Megan said Jay is able to talk and interact with family at their Pennsylvania home. He can play games with their three children, and sometimes he even tries to help with the chores.

“I do take care of all his personal care needs, but he is interactive with our family,” she said. “He loves watching the kids play. He talks, in a whisper, but he talks and is lucid. If Jay was able to receive rehab from the beginning, his prognosis would have been much higher, however since only his family believed in him, it didn’t happen.”

Two years ago, Megan said she sensed that something terrible had happened when her husband left to take their son to school on that January morning. There had been a big snowstorm a few days earlier, and the roads were icy and wet, she said.

Their vehicle hydroplaned about a mile from their home, and both Jay and their son were taken to a trauma unit. Megan said their son was discharged the next day, but Jay spent several months in the intensive care unit. Jay sustained serious injuries, including severe traumatic brain injuries that left him in a coma.

Initially, doctors told Megan that Jay may not wake up and if he did he could be in a “persistent vegetative state.” Others said he would require 24-hour care in a nursing home. But Megan, a nurse, knew that the doctors were wrong.

Story continues

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump, Clinton, and the Right to Life

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.”

The author of those words was Anne Frank, the young girl who epitomized courage in the face of terror during the Holocaust. Such wise words from a teenager whose life was cut tragically short.

I believe, like Anne, that, in their heart of hearts, people want to do the right thing. And I believe that is no less true at election time.

The problem is, there is a great deal of confusion in our overall culture and in our politics. The truth is often masked, and that makes a voter’s search for the truth difficult.

But it is not impossible to discover the truth—despite media manipulation, political spin, and inflammatory rhetoric. As the old TV series “The X-Files,” announced: “The truth is out there.”

The truth is that life is a fundamental good, and that no one can enjoy any other right without first having the right to life. This means that the fundamental life issues—abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia—are pre-eminent issues, and should be considered before all other issues (as important as those issues may be) when voting.

he two major party candidates for President have dramatically different views on the life issues. Republican Donald Trump supports a ban on late-term abortions—abortions in which fully-developed, living babies are killed in the womb. Hillary Clinton, in contrast, voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which outlawed a gruesome practice in which a baby was partly delivered, then killed.

continue reading athttp://paprolife.us/blog

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, Inc., is committed to promoting the dignity and value of human life from conception to natural death and to restoring legal protection for preborn children. Through legislation, political action, education and other legal means, we proclaim the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.  For more information or to find out how you can become involved, please use this link.  

Rachel's Vineyard Retreats - For Healing After Abortion

Rachel's Vineyard 
Bloggers Note: This was posted in  the bulletin of one of our local churches this past Sunday for a retreat scheduled at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA from October 7 - 9, 2016.
I've included a link to Rachel's Vineyard website for those who may wish to take advantage of their retreat services, in the USA and around the world.

Rachel's Vineyard is an extraordinary opportunity for any person who struggles with emotional and spiritual pain of past abortion(s). The weekend is a unique and effective process designed specifically to help you experience the mercy and compassion of God.

There are many exercises to help you grieve your loss and an opportunity to understand and release deep feelingc of anger, shame, guilt, and grief that frequently accompanies an abortion experience. This process is extremely helpful for those struggle with forgiving themselves or others.

The weekend will help you soul find a voice, and transform the pain of the past into hope. Rachel's Vineyard is a 'therapy for the soul' which combines a unique and creative process for the psychological and spiritual healing.

Please use this link to find a retreat in your area.

Rachel's Vineyard weekends for healing after abortion are offered throughout the year in locations across the United States and Canada, with additional sites around the world. Rachel’s Vineyard is a ministry of Priests for Life

The program is an opportunity to examine your abortion experience, identify the ways that the loss has impacted you in the past and present, and helps to acknowledge any unresolved feelings that many individuals struggle with after abortion. Because of the emotional numbness and secrecy that often surrounds an abortion experience, conflicting emotions both during and after the event may remain unresolved. These buried feelings can surface later and may be symptoms of post abortion trauma.

Married couples, mothers, fathers, grandparents and siblings of aborted children, as well as persons who have been involved in the abortion industry have come to Rachel's Vineyard in search of peace and inner healing. The weekend is a lot of work but yields a fruitful harvest for all who are willing to labor there. To learn more, please read about our weekend retreats. Also, please see comments from people who have attended the weekends, as well as our explanation of the name "Rachel's Vineyard."  For more information, please use this link.  

They Wouldn’t Pay For Her Cancer Treatment But They’d Pay for Her Assisted Suicide

By Emily DeRois
Life News

In select states where assisted suicide is legal, physicians and medical practices now are allowed to prescribe lethal drugs to their patients to end their lives, The Daily Signal reported

Although many of these patients have treatable ailments, it is less costly for them to die. Assisted suicide is an alarming trend that many say is pressuring patients to end their own lives prematurely.

Opponents of assisted suicide point out how it is cheaper than many medical treatments for the terminally ill and disabled.

Guy Page of the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare explained the problem this creates: 

“It doesn’t take a health care economist to see the shortest distance in finding ways to reduce health care costs is physician-assisted suicide.”

Consequently, the cost of treatment plays a significant role in the promotion of physician-assisted suicide. In Oregon, where doctor-prescribed suicide is legal, there have been several cases of cancer patients being pushed toward assisted suicide because it was cheaper than the medical treatment they needed.

One such case involved Barbra Wagner. She was a lung cancer patient who was presented with the “choice” to end her life.

Wagner said: “I got a letter in the mail that basically said if you want to take the pills, we will help you get that from the doctor and we will stand there and watch you die. But we won’t give you the medication to live.” 

Story continues

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition Meeting Notice and Events for September 2016

from Ellen Gifford, President
Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer is upon us and September is a month full of Pro-Life Activities here in Bucks County. Join us at our monthly meeting and learn all the news!

August 29th from 7:30 - 9:00 pm 
in the Conference Center 
(former convent behind the church)
Nativity of Our Lord Church
625 W. Street Road 
Warminster, PA 18974 

Meeting Highlights:

Even though it's summer, things are happening in Harrisburg.
  • Find out what's up the politicians' sleeves. 
  • What is your parish doing for Respect Life month? 
  • Let's get your ideas for great speakers this coming year

Upcoming events (we can use your help):
  • Polish Festival Rose Sale and Collection - September 3, 4, 5 and September 10 and 11th Can you volunteer to be responsible for the manning of our booth with volunteers for one day from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm? We need 6 to 8 peo-le at the booth at all times. You can set up the times slots to suit your volunteers.

  • 40 Days for LIfe - September 28th to November 6th - An opening Mass on September 27th at 7:00 pm will be held at Nativity of Our Lord Church
  • Life Chain - October 2nd - 2:00 - 3:00 pm - we will gather at the corner of Louis Drive an Street Road to pray and witness for life.
  • 4th Annual National Day of Remembrance - September 10th - sponsored by Priests for Life, the Pro-LIfe Action League; and Citizen for a Pro-Life Society. (use this link for more information).

All of us are on overload with news and commentary about the upcoming election. I have included here a column written by Archbishop Chaput and originally found on Catholicphilly.org for the week of August 12th. It's a good read and has some words of wisdom we all need to hear from our borther in faith. I hope you enjoy it!

See you on Monday, August 29th and bring a friend!

The primary mission of the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition is to provide financial support to area crisis pregnancy centers and educate the community regarding sanctity of life issues from conception until natural death.  For more information and for up-to-date articles and events, please follow us on Facebook here.