Monday, November 2, 2015

543 Babies Saved From Abortion in Latest 40 Days for Life Campaign, 10,874 Saved Since 2007

Shawn Carney, Nov 2, 2015
40 Days for Life

During the past 40 days, many babies were so close to becoming mere statistics in the eyes of the world. But because of your faith … and willingness to stand vigil as a witness to God’s love for those babies and their mothers … many of those children are alive this Monday morning.

We are still compiling reports … but so far, we know of … 543 babies who have been spared from abortion during this campaign! That makes a total of 10,874 lives saved during 40 Days for Life campaigns … from 2007 until now.

Praise God! Here are a few of their stories:

Richmond, Virginia

We had two babies saved at Planned Parenthood in Richmond,” said Ann, the local coordinator.

“A lady gave me a thumbs-up as she pulled into the Planned Parenthood parking lot,” said one of the volunteers.

“She turned around in their lot and came to me with her window down,” he said. “She said our prayers saved her grandchild – her daughter decided to not abort. She was very emotional with happy tears. Glory be to God!”

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