Friday, November 20, 2015

She was Sobbing Outside the Abortion Facility...

from Chantel Poisel, Communications Coordinator
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

When I read this article, my heart broke. And I realized how much we need to be on the sidewalk or support those who are able to be there!

The undercover videos released by The Center for Medical Progress have further made plain the truth that the abortion industry has no regard for the life of the preborn child -- they are in it for the money. Despite their claims (and even belief) to the contrary, it is also clear that these abortion facilities are not looking out for the best interests of the women who walk through their doors.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to read this recent article published by Live Action News (full article here ) in which they tell the story of Genevieve, an Australian woman, who was overwhelmed at the thought of having her baby, and in desperation, turned to an abortion clinic for help.

Genevieve sobbed for hours outside of the clinic, feeling helpless and unsure of what to do. In the article she explained how the abortion ‘counselor’ pressured her and treated her coldly, ultimately telling her she only had 5 minutes to decide ....and in her desperation, Genevieve chose the abortion. If Sidewalk Advocates had been present that day, Genevieve’s story may have had a different ending, perhaps with her being directed to a crisis pregnancy center where she could get real help for her and her child.

The sad part is this: Genevieve’s story is not an isolated one. Women just like her are being pressured into abortions that they don’t really want every single day, in abortion facilities around the globe. They are desperate, feel alone, and don’t realize all of the resources available to help them.

There's so much we can do to ensure that no woman ever experiences this again.

  • PRAY. I know, it sounds simple and cliché, but so many people underestimate the power of prayer -- it is one of the greatest tools that we have! The Lord hears your prayers, and HE is changing hearts and minds and saving lives through your prayers. Pray from home. Pray from your church. Pray for women who find themselves pregnant, but don’t want to be. Pray for men who are being pushed to the sidelines and have no say in whether their child lives or dies. Pray for those who are standing on the sidewalk, reaching out in love to men and women-in-crisis. And pray for those who work in the abortion industry, that they would have a conversion of heart and leave the business forever.
  • BE PRESENT. Take your prayers to the sidewalk in front of the local abortion facility in your community. Bring your friends and family with you. Be a prayer partner for a local Sidewalk Advocate as they minister to men and women on the sidewalk and meet them right where they are in that moment of desperation, offering them hope and love. 
  • BECOME A SIDEWALK ADVOCATE. If there is already a sidewalk advocacy program in your community, sign up for the next training. If there is not yet a program in your community, then prayerfully discern if the Lord is calling YOU to bring this program to your community to help women-in-crisis. Women have been sold a pack of lies about abortion, and they need to know that there is hope, that someone does care, and that they are loved. 
Applications to bring Sidewalk Advocates to Life to YOUR community this winter are open now through November 30th. Fill out the 5 minute application HERE (If the application fee is any problem, please let us know.) Questions? Check out our FAQs using this link. or send us an email at 
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Prayerfully discern if the Lord is calling you to give of your treasure to ensure this very effective, peaceful outreach continues! Maybe you are called to support your local pregnancy resource center to meet the needs of women-in-crisis with food, rent, diapers, etc. Or perhaps you are called to support our mission at Sidewalk Advocates for Life so we can bring this life-saving training to as many communities as possible across the country and around the world, providing women and families with real help and hope.

If you’d like to help save a life through the gift of your treasure, you can do so at by clicking on the button below to make a life-saving, tax-deductible donation.


Does it really make a difference? In short, YES!

Since our program first launched in the Spring of 2014, we have seen God use people like you and me as His hands and feet through this ministry. By the grace of God, there have been almost 1,000 lives saved and women spared from a lifetime of regret – and that’s just the ones we know of! Not to mention, 24 abortion clinic workers who have left their jobs in the abortion industry for good.

God is moving in a mighty way, and we give all the glory to Him! Don't delay -- lives are at stake!

Prayerfully discern what your role in this fight for life should be. Are you called to be a prayer warrior? Are you being called to support some aspect of this work financially? Perhaps YOU need to be that sign of hope and love in front of your local abortion facility, and the Lord is calling you to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to your community for the first time.

Whatever role you are being called to, we ask you to prayerfully consider that role and to say, “Yes, Lord!”

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